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Posted by baconbach on August 30, 2012

I have been living and renting apartments for some time now. I wouldn’t call myself a “renter expert” but I have been around the block when it comes to renting. I can say with all certainty that renting in Madison WI is by far the worst place to rent. A terrible place in West Lafayette is almost better than the best places to rent in Madison.

I understand that there is a limited amount of space close to the UW so prices are out of control. I understand that and don’t really care. I also understand that since these places know that they will get rented no matter what there is no incentive to fix up that places. (again dissapointed but accepted that)

What I can not accept is the complete lack of service and iron grip that renting management companies have on the city. Forcing the Aug 15 homeless day is crazy. Apex apartments are the worst. They have a lack of service that goes beyond comprehension. So be warned Apex is terrible…

side note Urban land interest is one of the good ones.. i have no complaints about them.


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Wreck it Ralph

Posted by baconbach on June 7, 2012

I just found out about this upcoming movie and think that it looks amzing!  It really gives me a fond memory of the old Reboot series with the whole concept of “game jumping”.  I can not wait to see it.

Go see this trailer… you will love it

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Ft. Wayne has left its mark… again…and again..

Posted by baconbach on June 1, 2012

What can be done to make Ft. Wayne cool again?  No not the Harry Baals building again, or a potential threat on the roller dome, or even a baseball team that I refuse to call anything but the “Potheads”. This time.. a Rap video!!!

My favorite part about this is that although the article is about a rap video.. It mentions something else Ft. Wayne has been voted…It was named the dumbest city in America by Men’s Health in 2005. (Buuuurrrrrnnnnnnnnn!)

Well what do you think? Can a rap video make Ft. Wayne cool again.. or at least undo the damage of being known as the dumbest citing in America? (for the record.. that includes Alabama)


(for the record I know Alabama isn’t a city, but I am just saying that every city in Alabama is smarter than Ft. Wayne, OUCH!)

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Rub some bacon on it…

Posted by baconbach on May 31, 2012

I admit I may be a little late to this party but a good friend of mine showed this to me and I thought that it was my duty to share it with you.  Here is an incredibly catchy song about bacon.  I mean, all songs about bacon have got to be good, but this is especially good.

I checked out these guy’s youtube chanel and they are actually pretty darn funny. You should check out some of their other stuff too.  Consider Rhett and link “Baconbach approved”

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Zombies… closer than you think!

Posted by baconbach on May 30, 2012

Basically this is a news story from Florida that proves that Zombies are closer than you think!

Naked man killed by police for eating a man’s… no joke. This actualy happened.. Move the Zombie Warning to defcon: Soon!

Here is the full article… Apparently there was a naked person eating a living person. They yelled at them to stop and they didn’t.. Then they shot them. Still had no effect.  This is a clear case of Zombies… or bath salts

All kidding aside… It is a shame that the police officer on the scene was forced to kill someone over this.  But after this article.. it is hard not to think he is a hero…

p.s. where is the CDC on this one huh?  They have their own “plan” but they aren’t covering things like this…  Just more proof I am better than the CDC on this topic!

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Baconbach on Tabletop

Posted by baconbach on May 26, 2012

Long story short:  Tabletop is a fantastic show on youtube channel geek and sundry.  The most recent episode spawned this picture and I thought it was hilarious!


During tabletop a player may or may not have “accidentally” cause a bit of a train wreck…

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Movie Review: Haywire

Posted by baconbach on May 25, 2012

So you hear about this movie, and it has a ton of great actors in it… Antonio, Michael Douglas, Ewin Macgregor, The british guy in Inglorious Bastards (the whole movie I just looked at him and kept saying “common old chap and god save the queen”).

Then you hear the plot… an agent is double crossed and must work her way back to find out who did it.

Plus all of the previews before the movie were awesome.  So I am thinking at this point how could this movie be anything but awesome? Expendable 2 was on there..(this will come into play later but you don’t get more mainstream than that)

Well there is where everything goes haywire (Pun intended and all have you know the pun is one of the oldest and best forms of humor!!!)  Let’s just sum my entire rant to this. Bad. Bad, bad, bad.  Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddd.

Anyways.. the actress in the movie is not totally to blame, although her monotone voice and lifeless expressions don’t help the situation at all. I am probably one of the few who actually remember Crush from American Gladiators (the newer version). So I was familiar with her work.   She had more character in AG than in this movie.  I am not quick to blame the actress though. I blame the director and writing. First off all of the lines of dialogue (what little there were, but we will get to that later) were bad. Really bad.  Like at one point she says “oh here are the leo’s” and her hostage partner guy says ” Leos”? To which she replies “Law Enforcement Officers”…. Then the next scene he just calls them “cops”     I mean really… like 10% of the dialogue in the movie involved an acronym that was never again used!  Also I think the director was like “hey crush, baby doll, be cold and monotone so that you look so bad ass”  That didn’t work and directors should say things like “baby doll”.

Ok  on to this lack of dialogue thing. No.. That will have to be another post because there is too much anger there. I’ll just say one thing… stop trying to force a movie to be “artsy” by having long stretches without dialogue.  Take a cue from Quinten Tarantino and the greatest man ever made, JOSS WHEADON.  They have amazing dialogue and their films still have art.

So let’s end this on a positive note. (I apologize that his is so long) Here is a letter that I wrote to the movie:

Dear Haywire,

You had amazing talent and potential, and I actually enjoyed the experience of watching you, but it was only because I was making fun of you the whole time. Laughing AT you and not WITH you, as it were. Someone had to tell you. It very much felt like you wasted everything you had by trying to be artsy and indie. I know “mainstream” is such a terrible thing these days and you probably think that “I just didn’t get it” and that is ok. I forgive you…But stop.. just stop.

Love, Nathan

p.s. An artsy film that sucks, guess what? It STILL sucks

p.s.s.  You are still better than Martha Marcy Mae Marlene. So you have that going for ya.

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Who is the best Archaeologist ever.. the debate continues…

Posted by baconbach on May 25, 2012

You may remember my page, Who is the best Archaeologist ever?.  It is actually the second most seen page on this blog.. and dates back to 2008.  Well there have been a lot of comments about it and debate, apparently people do not like my choices. ( come up with your own list and comment on the blog if you want a real debate!)

Anyways here is a comment that I just had to share…

From Chelson Chembarathy

i wud like to have a chat with Mr.Heinrich Schliemann……wud appreciate if i cud get his email id or any …

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this… First off, I don’t know what about my blog post actually could convince someone I knew how to contact Schliemann.. or Indiana Jones or Dr. Alan Grant for that matter.  Let me assure you now, I do not have their contact information.

The other part about this comment is that I had to call an intern in to help read it. This is what society gets for constantly texting. Actually communication is being lost.  I know that I have my share of grammar mistakes, but this is just plain wrong. And why I will never text message!

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ZAP update

Posted by baconbach on May 24, 2012

Hi everyone.. just wanted to let everyone know that there was some updates to the Zombie Apocalypse plan. Some people had some good points and I had to change things up…

Perry said “I have three problems, but other than that I find this to be a relatively serviceable plan (thank you Perr). 1: Any grocery store that has not already been looted bone dry is probably going to swarmed with zombies (assuming of course that the invasion has already reached you). 2: Heat does help speed decomposition, but only if it’s moist as well. Unfortunately, you’re mostly at hot and dry in the northwest, which is a preservative climate. 3: While “water zombies” really aren’t much of a threat, the water wil actually preserve them at enough depth (because it’s cold). And salt water will actually work best, because salt is an antibiotic, and effective against bacterial decomposition.

So check the plan to see Perry’s updates!

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Over 9,000… bringing it back!

Posted by baconbach on May 21, 2012

What is his power level?


A while ago over 9,000 was all over the internet. Everything was over 9 thhhouuusssaaannnddd. Eventually, it started to go away…
This past weekend, through some awesome photos and coversations about dragaon ball Z, I decided that I am bringing it back. So here it is… over 9000 is coming back!

And if you don’t know about over 9000… then allow me…

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