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Zombie Apocalypse Plan

For years I have been developing my Zombie Apocalypse Plan, which I assure you has nothing to do with the song from the Cranberries, but it is about time to start sharing it with the world.

1)  The first thing I am going to do is put on as many different layers of clothes as possible.  (Luckily I live in a cold state and have many winter clothes available)  Make sure no skin is showing and has several layers.  I understand that this will slow your movement and reflexes but it will also make it harder for them to get a good bite on you.    FACT: biting through a sweatshirt is difficult and biting through Carhart clothes is nearly impossible.  Granted that the zombies will have stronger bite strength then humans but that is crushing strength and if you double up the sweatshirts and Carhart or other materials it should beable to stop the teeth or nails from breaking the skin.   (Note that the crushing power of the human jaw is actually enough to crush bones but bones can heal and the Z-infection can not)

p.s. CARDIO is a solid rule. Stay in shape so you don’t tire out at the wrong time .. see my 13:13:3 challenge

2) Step two is a two part step- first you must arm yourself temporarily ( In Step 4 you will be upgrading)  I have an old light weight base ball bat in my closet, which is what I will be using.  Next I am going to set up a temporary home base of opperations in my apartment (I live on the second story apt with only one entrance).  My apt will only be a good place for about 1 day so I will have to move fast.  If power is still on at this point I will be inviting my personal friends in the area and establishing a group of survivors to help.  I feel that if there is an un-dead army out there I want to have my own.  Unlike harry potter I will gladly enlist the help of my friends and family and even strangers.

Step 3 Gather Supplies

Once I have contacted whoever is close enough to get to my place, I will leave them there to defend while taking all the bags I can carry, plus my bat, and procuring a vehicle preferably a truck, which I will then take to the grocery store 2 blocks away to load up on canned goods and what food I can.  ( I also aready have a bunch of frozen deer meat in my freezer but that will only stay good for a short period of time.. I also keep some canned spam just in case)

Step 3a: I got alot of comments about how grocery stores will be over run or already picked dry.  My plan focuses on the one right by my house and anticipates that I will be one of the first people there. If it is over-run or picked dry before I get there… well then I take what I have and move on to the next step.  This will be a judgement call for everyone whether it is too over run or not..

With a vehical, my goup, and a few weapons (notice I did not say go to a sporting good store or gun shop becuase these first few hours, days of the apocalypse are going to be filled with crazed people and I want nowhere near them right now.. people are almost always as dangerous as zombies..make do or do without) we are ready to leave my apartment behind and head noth to the Wisconsin Dells.  ( It is an hour drive and I have printed out directions both highway and non highway to the WI Dells)

There we will be taking Ducks and Snow plows.

step 4) Wagons West!

The Roads will undoubtably be clogged with traffic.  What we cannot crash our way through we will have to go around.  Using the ducks to travel a combination of rivers and road we will head to the West, but not west of the rockies.  I want to go to the west for mulitple reasons.  1) less people = less zombies.. I get there are huge sprawling cities in the west, but there are also alot of very small towns and I am hoping the Z’s will group up in the cities  2) wide flat spaces = seeing them coming after you ( at least better than say in the woods) I don’t want anything to sneak up on me.  3) I am anticipating a rush of people going north and hoping to avoid that.  Also I feel that my survivability increases in the warmer dry climate vs. a freezing north or mountain terrain.  If you know how to survive up those environments then more power to you… I am just being realistic.. it isn’t for me.  4) Stay Mobile:  The lots of small towns I mentioned earlier I will raid for supplies (food, water, weapons, and radios) will make staying on the move easier.  I do not know if this is true but they say everyone carries a gun in Texas, which would probably be a good place for us survivors to find ammunition.   5) I really want to point this out again.. I am scared of being stuck in cold weather and I feel that I can survive better in warm weather than cold. I mean you ever hear of the donner party or play oregon trail.. cold is bad..(I admit heading north and trying to freeze out the zombies has many valid points but realistically… its a bad bet)

5) Weapons:  I have a few guidelines on weapons but it is not really a whole step. Obviously you will have to take what you have access to. The real key is to understand what your weapon is designed for. (don’t use a hunting rifle for close quarters combat)

5A. Here is the deal people…(inspired by the criticism of my bat choice)  A baseball bat is a solid starter weapon. It is mostly to disable and not take on the hoard. Light weight so it won’t tire you out and made of metal so it is strong enough. Breaking bones is an underrated tactic. Sure a bone break isn’t going to stop the Zed but it is going to slow it down. Alot! Break a back and it will have a hard time chasing you without legs. A solid hit to the face and let’s see it bite you without teeth left.  verything in my plan really revolves around tactical retreating (running away til the numbers are in your favor)

p.s. double-tap EVERYTHING

6) Using CB Radio’s me and my group of survivors will travel around the west trying to find more survivors.  There will be no starting new cities or staying in one place to long for a few years or until we see what kind of zombies we are dealing with.  I. E. If they die without eating, avoid sunlight (like in legend), were caused by a commet in space, or anything like that.  Basically Knowledge is power

7) This is the end of the plan.  Based on what we learn from our travels we will have to take it from there and use what we find along the way.

8) Side note: I was just reminded about this. Once a person is bit there is usually a window of time before they turn into one. No way we are going to take them out before they turn. I see this as a chance at their redemption.  In my group, if  you get infected,   you get a weapon and a chance to take out as many of them as possible before you turn. If everyone goes down fighting we can slowly even the numbers.

9) Side-note: Lots of people talk about zombies going underwater. Here is my thoughts on that.  Zombies totally could walk under water! BUT  since they would not have to breath and they have alot of empty space in them (granted this will vary z-to-z) I think that they would fill up with water and be even slower that normal. They would be able to climb up anchors or ropes if they are within reach but I think it will be a struggle for them.

I had a problem with WWZ. I think the water would speed up the destruction of the zombies. (initially I said “decomposition” but some comments changed my mind.  The salt water will probably sterilize and kill bacteria that would decompose the body). However, saltwater and sand are corse.. with the tides and currents of the ocean, I think the water would errode through the zombies.. I mean, water made the grand canyon for cripes sake!  And I think that if any of them went down to deep, then the pressure would kill them.  Underwater pressure can crush metal! Just stop and think what it would do to a zombie.. granted that type of pressure is pretty much only found in the ocean. I would say the threat level of water zombies is not as great as most people think.  Lake and pond zombies are a threat! Do not let your gaurd down around them!

This is constantly being updated so check back… or go to to see when I update and what some comments were


177 Responses to “Zombie Apocalypse Plan”

  1. […] center my entire blog around it.  I also must say, as a man devoted to fighting zombies, I did not devote an entire page to my apocalypse survival plan.  (In fact, though I’ve given it much thought, I […]

    • aidan said

      its all fake if zombies attacked wed be screwed unless you have a sealed suit (completely sealed) like a Hazmat suit. if you think it through. mosquitoes can carry diseases so it would suck zombie blood then soon it will transfer the disease into your body then every body will die unless you have Off! then you could use it to repel mosquitoes and then you’d be safe unless you run out of Repel spray but although it would kill you in the night unless you are lucky and are immune like me.

    • lucas said

      im from australia and i know the land quite well, my plan is to drive to tasmania(if anyone had a chance to keep an infection out of state tasmania would for it is an island with strong border controll) if it is infected move down the coast raiding small towns for surplies and eventurlly getting to port aurthor (gtoogle the port aurthor seperate prison) it is coverd iun stnoe wall and has about 2-3 doors in but they are iron dors with big locks plus we will baracade them a bit more. then hold out there. but my biggest consern is that tasmania is cold and cold preserves flesh, unlike the heat that would at least triple the time it would take for the zombies to decompose. so if that is the case i will stay in darwin but the only place i can think of is the barraks but then if the infection is new the base will be one of the places that people will go for weapons, ammo, armoed cars, ect. dose anyone have any idear on what to do other than move south?

  2. I hadn’t thought of that… I’m mostly focusing on getting above the snow line and waiting them out.

  3. baconbach said

    My only problem with getting above the snow line and waiting them out is that I do not have any mountain survival skills and would probably run out of food and freeze to death

    • Isabella Ezra said

      The problem with heading North above the snow line is the fact that the power will be out, I mean when the worlds gone to shit who’s gonna keep the electricity running, no electricity, no power, no power means no heat. Unless you are gonna constantly keep blankets and a fire going. And a fire means smoke. And guess what that attracts? People and some may be dangerous. I want to head North but I need help figuring out the heat dilemma.

  4. […] thought about this issue off and on, but it has been highlighted lately by my brother’s own zombie apocalypse plan (which, by the way, has been very slow in the revealing.  What if the zombie apocalypse happened […]

  5. Benjamin Rogers said

    Some good ideas! I happen to prefer the northern route for the cold. If you have read World War Z there are some really good points in there. The Zeds will freeze and then we can easily exterminate them. Just a though!


  6. baconbach said

    As I said before “I admit heading north has many valid points and is a good option” The problem with heading north is that I do not think that I, personally, have the required survival skills to live far north or in frozen mountains without electricity. Not even to mention finding food and supplies. Yes the Zeds will freeze, but what good will that do me if I too freeze?

    Also keep in mind that I am not counting on the military for any help. They probably will get a handle on the situation but I am not going to count on that.

  7. Benjamin Rogers said

    That is a very good point. The military is no better trained for the Zombie Apocalypse than the rest of us. Especially when everything scatters. We will be fighting in segregated battle zones to deal with it!


    • Jess said

      Actually, I am in the military and we have had some zombie training. It can be used on regular combat situations but it was def helpful 🙂

    • Robert said

      I think the military would have a pretty good handle on things… don’t underestimate the US military. Sure, multiple, brainless, biters would be a strong force, but against a large group of trained and armed soldiers, I think clearing large areas would be quite realistic.

  8. erith1 said

    I am almost finished with World War Z now. It is really good, you should definitely read it! But I am struck with how closely it follows your z-poc plan:
    1) The government tells everybody to go north which means wave after wave of unprepared millions end up using up all of the food / gas / etc. and then starving and freezing to death. So maybe cold isn’t such a good idea.
    2) The U.S. army ultimately decides to regroup west of the Rockies using them as a natural barrier. Go west indeed.
    3) The army abandons most people east of the Rockies for quite some time while they are getting their stuff together. Then their support is mostly supply drops, etc. to these isolated hold outs. So plan on being more or less on your own. Also, the army is not very good at killing Z’s for various reasons outlined in the book.
    4) Stay off the roads! Many people tried to flee by car after being bitten. After they turned they may have been trapped in their cars (too stupid to open the doors). At the very least all the cars gives the Z’s somewhere to hide. So by river may be the best way to go.

    I highly recommend the book though, there are too many interesting points to cover here.

  9. jinn35 said

    this is so cool.

  10. srgt. Siegfried, Robert .A said

    the only problem with your plan is it relys on other people to survive long enough for you to find them. what if everyone is already dead. you also are assuming you will not be one of the first infected but my commanding officer always told me to keep all options open as long as posible

  11. Ben H said

    The North would be a good idea (whether you had the skills or not) except for the fact that, the north is also where all the rest of america will be headed. The ducks is a good idea since i live right there anyway. But i am going to go right over the rockies to use as natural block like in World War Z and then when the goverment goes over there, hopefully they will be somewhat organized and be able to help.

  12. Amanda J said

    I say be ready in advance, have a bunker ready before you see the signs. But, just incase, i have Places, weapons, supplies, and layers of leather clothing in mind.

  13. You Know What I Mean? said

    I agree with a lot of things here first off i think any real man should have a Zombie Apocalypse plan and mine personally requires very little. I would first get together a group, like the man above, we are stronger in numbers. I would get trucks or Hummers (if the worlds going down i’ll waist the gas) and then ransack homes untill i get enough weaponry to the point that I feel my group is well equipped. Finally roll out and lock down a Costco ( keep all vehicles inside store), i think having a 16-wheeler is important for ramming and unloading on zombies from the back … plus, storage. I would camp out with my group in the Costco and move to another when supplies gets short all the while checking near by rural places for items. Anything to add???

    • steff said

      numbers are where your wrong. for every one person with you, that’s one more mouth to feed, bed to make, possible zombie to put down, and a 16 wheeler would use SO much fuel. motorcycles and smart cars. SMALL and MOBILE.

      • wacky ass said

        I say pickup would be your best bet. and anyways, you wouldnt be sleeping in a bed, and if you did, you would have to make a hidden, substantial barrier around you. people would also have to make shifts, so you could share ONE bed, Steff.

      • COLORADO said

        i live in about 30 minutes from the rockies, and it would be very easy for me to get there. once there, i would drop by the fire station which is in the mountains. Right next to the station is a cave; kind of a cave. more like a tunnrl, but either way i would go there. if not i would go to a lake which is aprox. an our away from my house. since i m a rock cllimber, i cn go up into a cave. there its easy for me to see everything because its a flat sided mountan. another plan is that i can go up onto my attic or my roof.

      • This is amazingly helpful I’ve been planningfor months and I need tips:-)

  14. luke said

    You have seen a news report that zombies are taking over about 50miles from you… what do you do?

    Step 1:
    I have big metal gates with all around my front garden..
    they are perfect size to be bolted over my windows (i checked :P)
    so… Bolt them over my windows

    Step 2:
    Lightwaight arms…
    I have certain things in my house that are dangerouse like hockey sticks. air guns that i can mod to fire drill
    bits and old classics like.. chair legs with nails in them and my all time favourates… Kitchen Knives

    Step 3:
    My cuppords are pretty much always full of tinned stuff so that lasts a while.
    but i would also be looting the shops if there is anything left and robbin next door naibours =]

    Step 4:
    backup plan…
    we have a big ex-army land rover deffender on the drive
    i would reverse that upto my kitchen window redy to escape if my deffences got breached

    Step 5:
    backup plan 2….
    climb into my loft and cry 🙂

    • wyatt goins said

      my plan

      step 1: get my truck and fill up the 150 gallen extra gas tank in the bed of it

      step 2: fill it with every last bit of caned goods i got

      step 3: grab my AK-47 several resons why would take this over anything else 1 extreamly durable 2 i have a ton of ammo for it 5 of the military ammo cans stacked with fmjs and hollow points 3 easy to clean 4 light wait 5 an abslutly amazing wepon

      step 4: go and get my gf because all of my friends would eat all of my food and because she is the only person i trust anymore

      step 5: head west … ill drive for 12 hours , sleep she will drive for 12 hours

      1 big advantage i have is that i wont have to stop for gas …. non stop driving

  15. IF zombies did attack and thats a big IF i would
    step one: phone friends and family and tell them to meet me at my house
    step two: board all the windows up and make them so nothing could get in or out
    step three: get a landrover and put metal plats on all the windows (for the front window have a gab so you can see the road and incoming zombies
    step four: make sure we all have something to kill the zombies with
    step five: make sure i have cans of food and i will rade and small shops ( corner shops)
    step six: have fuel in the car and in fuel cans
    step seven: head to scottand as it has a lot of open space
    step eight: head shot myself if they get too close

    • pip said

      no!!!!!!!!!!! kill the zombies and go the easy way by shooting yourself and don`t let the people around you get killed. no!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frankie said

      I agree, by asking friends and family to meet you at your house thier likely to get killed on thier way there. You’d have to go and collect them and bring them back.

  16. ChLeon said

    There’s a couple of holes that I spot in your plan.

    1. Although your plan to wear lots of layers is clever it might do more harm then good being that if you’re on the move unless you’re in a cold climate it will cause you to sweat which may lead to dehydration and fatigue. I think that during a zombie outbreak speed and mobility take priority over protective armor, but that’s just my opinion. You might do better with some sports equipment such as shin guards, and forearm protectors, try to get the most breathable equipment. I also would like to discourage people from using football gear being that it’s too bulky.If you are in cold whether then you should pack an extra heavy layer but only wear enough while on the move to keep from freezing and at the same time from sweating, because if you sweat and get your clothes wet in the cold climate then there will be nothing to protect you from the cold at a later time.

    2. Your plan to travel north is a good idea unless (like Erith1 said) the government tells everyone to head north, or if people catch on to the fact that zombies freeze in the snow and decide to head north all on there own. The reason for this being that an abundance of people will mean a lack in supplies and food. If you are going to travel up north, make sure that the area your traveling to isn’t gonna be the same place everyone else is going. In these cases it might just be better to find the closest non-populated area near you to hold up since the zombies will be attracted to the area’s with the most human life. Not to mention that you might not need to travel that far to escape the zombies depending on what level of outbreak it is. If you are up north and in a big group then your group will most likely have to move every few months when supplies run out and migrate to a place were supplies haven’t been drained.

    Most of your plan seems solid to me though.

  17. Connor D said

    i think it would be better to go north because since they are dead they dont prouce any body heat and therfore would eventualy freeze solid whilst still being alive (you know what i mean) so you could run test on them and try to cure everyone.

  18. Connor D said

    Freeze solid much quicker than you is what i meant…because they dont make heat 🙂

  19. knopp said

    your plan has quite a few holes.1 To begin with, I live in Texas and although almost everyone does carry a gun, they are also stupid(for the most part) and very willing to use them on anything.2 a bat is not going to do jack shit to a zombie unless you have a shitload of time(and even if they can’t bite your arms, what about you legs and face?)3 the west will turn into desert(even more so than before)and there will be hardly anything to salvage from the vast wasteland. there is much more but I must digress.

  20. Jaco Wolf said

    You would be better off heading to Normal Il Jaco Wolf will shelter you here or kill you if you show up a zombie But my Plan is fool proof I have a whole complex with guns other weapons and a reliable food source that wont run out so Fools are even welcome I will save anyone I can but if you have a bite say goodnight

  21. erith1 said

    Wow, lots of comments since last time I looked! (though it looks like “Samuel L.” and “Carhartt Shirts” are spam)

    Of course no one is saying you should take a baseball bat over a superior weapon, like a gun of some sort. If you ever have to resort to hand to hand, you’re already in a pretty desperate situation to begin with. But should you find yourself in such a situation, here are a few words in defense of a baseball bat:

    1) Range – You want to keep the zombies away at all costs. By the time you can hit them with a steak knife, you’ve already lost the battle.
    2) Blades will get stuck in flesh, a baseball bat will not. Your sword isn’t going to do much good when a zombie goes down and takes your sword with it, embedded in its gut.
    3) Unless the zombies are seriously rotten, you’re not going to get one kill per hit with any hand to hand weapon, no matter what the movies say. So in that case, you need to be able to knock them back a pace or two. If you swing a sword and manage to take off a limb or something, what did that buy you? You probably only have time for one shot before they’re on you, so you need to be able to knock them back, to buy time for escape.

  22. Xxzombie_masterxX said

    i have always thought of going to wal-mart and building a barier around the doors and just staying there with my survivers

    • steff said

      wal-mart is built as a 24 hours store, so the doors don’t close. durring hurricanes, they use shopping carts to block the automatic doors. it cant even keep common looters out, so it won’t work for the zombies. there are 2 entrances made of glass, and several warehouse entrances…

    • Lauren said

      im really not trying to be rude, but that is an extremely stupid idea.

  23. Thomas smith said

    That is a solid plan but on the redemption part realize some won’t tell you if they are bit just keep that in mind I already live out west I’ll see you during the apocalypse thomas smith P.s. Give them a grenade to help finish them and the Z’s if available

  24. the z guy said

    I believe that every one is underestimating how far north you will need to go I live in Canada in the west and it isn’t cold enough in the winter to freeze a zombie solid it might slow them down but not stop them unless your in the Yukon. and if you make it that far your most likely to freeze 2 because zombies may not make body heat but blood and tissues don’t freeze as easily as water plus the friction from walking creates heat as long as they keep walking they will only be slowed then to survive in the Yukon without a house already set up will be really tough. and always look out not everyone is going to try to save people you may get robbed and a baseball bat isn’t as effective as some other weapons there ( a small knife would work plus it’s handy for cutting rope)

    my plan is: well first I live on an island so we will probably have notice but let’s pretend we didn’t let’s say they just showed up on our doorsteps well I would go get a big knife from my kitchen ( not for zombies obviously but in case somebody tries to rob me on the way) I’d also get a crobar ( for zombies and is just a handy weapon though I’ll replace it with something more effective later) next I’d phone every one I can think of and tell them to meet me at the dock my parents work at the dock and we have 2 boats this will be my base for quite a while and we’re used to boating so we can fish and set prawn traps. next I’ll go on foot this is the most dangerous part of my plan the dash to the dock with about 10 minutes spent calling and getting food and supplies me and my family will take our bikees down to the dock there is a quick path to the dock so as long as we move quickly we should be able to make it. I will assume the z’s are coming up from the south since it’s more populated and the docks are north so it should be safe enough to make it. when we get to the dock we will put our supplies on the boats and any one whose made it there yet will get on our bigger boat which has a flat back and lot’s of room. then with the people already there we will make a group to get supplies and weapons. this group will take the other smaller faster boat up a nearby river to the north so the zombies shouldn’t have made it yet and the is a fishing/hunting store there we will raid it or buy weapons if that’s necessary we will get crossbow and bow and arrow’s mainly because they are quieter so it doesn’t attract zombies but of course we’d get some guns to and maybe a gaffe they have some big ones that are basically a spear so that might work well to clear a shore area not for land based attacks. so then we will get prawn and crab traps and other survival tools like camping stoves. then we will go back to the dock where we left the other boat floating just off of the dock in case anyone else made the dock then basically we wait it out the is an old abandoned fish farm dock just north and of shore so we could make that as a base plus there is good fishing nearby. we would camp there and raid the town when safe.

    so yeah… if any one sees a flaw please tell me

    • Chloe said

      one thing you’re forgetting is that zombies have no need to breathe so they can walk underwater. you’ll need to be in deep enough water for them not to reach you. Also, if you are using prawn and crab traps, there is a possibilitly that any zombies that have followed you underwater will be able to climb onto your boat. My original plan was to migrate to the sea until a friend pointed out these flaws. Happy Surviving 🙂 x

      • Zombie Staring Contest said

        but wouldn’t they just break up like wet paper?

      • Shelby said

        I could be wrong but here’s my thought about Zombies being able to “walk underwater.”
        First off all, if we are dealing with your typical “back from the dead” Zombies, wouldn’t you think that they would float like any other dead thing? And, if that’s the case are they really going to be smart enough to know how to swim?
        Secondly, if we are going to be dealing with your “28 Days Later” type zombies, again, like anyone, they are most likely going to float! Can you walk underwater? Probably not. So how would they be able to?
        These type may be smart enough to figure out how to swim but I think that if you have a big enough boat, yacht maybe, there would be no way for them to get aboard assuming you have all the ladders and what not pulled up out of the water.

      • Lauren said

        as pointed out in the blog, and as well, their (Z’s) corpses would sink, and eventually from the freezing cold water of Canada, it would freeze the joints; and regardless of weather or not you are in the Arctic Circle, the cells of the deceased would become hypertonic and absorb a high amount of water, (hold on a sec) bloating there bodied to the point of immobility, rendering them incapable of climbing a crab trap line. And honestly, zombies aren’t invincible, they’re the walking dead. and at deep-ish waters, they will not be crushed, but they will be drastically slowed from the pressure. so yes you would need to be far away, but obviously your aren’t going to be sitting in the harbor.

      • jeff said

        has anyone ever thought thatt water is not the best idea? not so sound rude but those who think they are going to live on a boat in a lake or ocean is just f**kin stupid. ok granted water will slow them down. at deep enough depths maybe even kill them. ok i got that and see your reasoning behind it. sure there is fish and crab and all sorts of other sh*t to eat but heres an idea, if the zombies are coming back to life from either a bacteria (through saliva, blood, airborn virus, ect) dont you think that will contaminate the water as well? if not infecting or killing off your food sorce? so not only did you just run out of food but now you have a mass of zombies living under your boat trying to get you still. oh not to mention the noise of the boat engines echoing across the wide open areas to lure in more? correct me if im wrong but noise can travel across water for a very good distance. think about the harmonics the bigger vehicles and engines give off.. just some helpful bit of info to those in need

      • Jaybird said

        Have you ever lived on or around a farm/ranch? If so this will be pretty evident to you but if not it might be new news. When an animal dies or killed and is left outside unrefridgerated it bloats pretty quickly. This is caused by the build up of bodily gases from the lack of pressure relief and excess gasses created by bacteria in the decomposition process. While this can spoil meat you intend to eat it could also be your friend in the end. I feel many people fail to take into account the fact that a zed’s body is actually decomposing already because many bodily functions are not active. Number one this could slow them down considerably and number two the excess gas would most likely cause them to float in water. Ever tried taking a huge gulp of air and then forcing yourself to the bottom of a pool? Not too easy, but if you let that air out then it is much easier, though uncomfortable. While nothing we have seen points to the fact that zeds need to breathe, leading some to believe they could walk on the bottom of bodies of water, I disagree. The lack of breathing does not mean that the lungs do not contain gasses, just that zeds can survive without oxygen. The many air filled body cavities of a zed plus the excess gas caused by bacterial decomposition means that they would most likely be very buoyant. And not in the right places. When our lungs are filled with air we generally float head above the water in a manner that supports locomotion. If the entire body cavity of a zed where filled with buoyant gasses the they would most likely float very awkwardly (such as the entire frontal half of the body above the water line). That would make for difficult locomotion if at all possible. For that reason I believe that an off shore location would generally be much safer than a landlocked hideaway. Personally an offshore drilling rig would be a good first line of retreat option for me. It might not provide all the fresh food you’d need for extended stay, but it could be a solid base to operate from and much more sturdy in iffy ocean conditions than a small boat or yacht. Anyways that’s just my thoughts on the matter.

    • john said

      Lets be realistic here. The only way a zombie outbreak is going to happen is if the zombie is physically superior to a human. No amount of walking or slow running zombies are going to kill people. But, i think the freezing idea is promising. While, true, it cannot freeze solid tissue, the fact of the matter is that it wont have to. Most of the body is composed of water, and water freezes in spikes. This is why when people are frozen to be re-awoken when technology advances enough to allow us to do so, theyre blood is pumped and is filled with glucose because when the blood freezes it penetrates the tissue and muscle fibres. The Z’s muscle fibres are torn and are incapable of applying pressure or movement, therefore immobilising the zombie by not allowing it to move. And i disagree with the choice of a knife over a baseball bat. People underestimate the strength of the human skull, its going to take more than a knife to penetrate bone. My preference would be something like the back of a hammer, something sharp and pointing and heavy so you can slam it into a Z’s head and kill it instantly by destroying the brain. Make sure its well oiled/lubricated and has no serrated edges so you can retract smoothly and quikcly if theres another nearby.

    • john said

      Dear Shelby,
      Most people know that if you breath out all your air, you sink. If a zombie has no need to breath, it will sink too yes? And to answer the can zombies swim problem, no, they cant swim because zombies operate off instinct. Seeing as we Humans are mammals and live on land, swimming is not an instinct for us and so a zombie will not be able to swim. Prawn/Fish trapping is still a viable option. You can attach the traps to bouy’s and then be careful when winding it in. All you need is a big guy standing there if a zombie is holding on, and a spear to punch through its brain. It should be tender after a week. But……..Humans are intelligent enough to manipulate their own brain and change it structure. So, whats to say sea-faring people wouldn’t have the instinct to swim after so much repetition, and if the brain is still intact, then the zombie would recieve that instinct. Remember, a zombie is just a human reduced to its very primal insticnts; just thought it could be an interesting topic if people thought the instinct could get passed down.

  25. Jared said

    This is complete rubbish.

  26. Rachael said

    I have argued several times that a bike is crucial to survival during an outbreak. Let me be clear that i would not use it as my only mode of transportation, but I would insist on getting a bike rack on whatever vehicle I am using. Getting gas in vehicles will be a problem in the country, and most people have the same idea of getting a larger vehicle which will obviously not get good gas mileage. Plus most pumps have automatic shut off valves which we would have to hope will be left on. Ergo, gas shortages are bound to happen. A bike could be very useful for getting out of emergency situations…it doesn’t need gas, won’t explode or throw a person off, goes much faster than most people can run (even assuming these zombies are not super slow) plus most people can ride bikes much farther distances than they can travel on foot.

    The only problem I see with living on the water is that nothing I have read says that zombies need to breathe. Does this mean they could walk on the bottom of the river bed? Not sure, but I would take precautions to make sure the river was deep enough.

  27. pwnager said

    I think a zombie wouldn’t be able to breathe underwater or have any more abilities than a rabid animal. The infection would probably have some form of human rabies combined with a fast spreading disease like the flu. So my survival situation would be me and three other people with the supplies I already have, go far away from the city, I live in southern Virginia, and in the middle of the woods dig a giant underground tunnel like the vietcong. Because the infected would kill each other or infect everything else so the virus can live and spread, I would dig holes in the tunnel only a bridge could let you across. No they wouldn’t kill themselves to make a pile of bodies and get across, because the virus tells them to live and spread. And after four months go out to check.

  28. gaven said

    My family owns 42 acres on the top of a mountain in Northern Georgia. Already have a complex built, (Dorms, Farm, Livestock, and Decent Perimeter lines) so automatically my first move would be to gather up my guns and start out along interstate 40 west. The trip would obviously take quite a while, but we have maps with alternate routes if traffic is too bad, but once there everyone already knows what his/her job in the compound would be, and we hold three drills a year chosen at random times. the compound was built more for protection from war/revolution/uprising, but it would work just as well in a zombie apocalypse.

    Why has my family built this site you might be asking, well the answer is we’re just a bunch of paranoid southerners, everyone in my family (last count was 46 counting the two newborns) owns a gun, or will as soon as they are old enough to be taught how to use it safely, a respectable off road vehicle, and a set of rather large envelopes containing “battle plans” so to speak. yep, i think my family will be among the survivors once it all goes down. (well, some of us anyway, that cousin mickey is jus plan stupid, he’ll definately end up as a statistic)

  29. john said

    well my plan is to first grab two of my grampas bayonettes he grabbed in WWII and a 12-gauge pump and a .38 grab my dad’s explorer w or/wo him grab a few of my freinds (don’t wanna grab people you don’t trust i.e some bastard who’d kill everyone to stay alive. i’d pick up any innocent’s though kids and parents deinitely but make sure they’re not bitten and if they are make sure it’s not ‘dead’ rising as in just being dead makes a zombie or virus based grab some guns and ammo from Fran’s ( a hunting store ) i know the owner personally he carries around 4,000 rounds total mostly small arms 9mm .45 .38 and hunting calibers 30-06 .223 and some .308. for shotguns mostly .20 gauge mostly and some 12 gauge rounds, maybe 300 or so 5.56 rounds and he has a few custom AR-15’s in stock easily modifiable to go full auto i know accuracy is better but having the option is nice. then head to my local 3 bears (similar to Cosco) and it has one entrance and 3 freight entrances and a few exit only’s and once inside I’ve got guns and move cars in front of the auto doors and disable them if the power hadn’t already go and take a forklift from the store to stock up crates and a shelf (weighing probably 500-1500) pounds and tip it in front of the door and take it a part and weld it to the door’s frame and with enough time do additional welding from the outside once inside set up a B.Oo and put extra forification around it and take falshlight’s candles and batteries and use them and throw away all food that needs refrigiration via roof acess and we’d have probably 1-3 years in dried and no refrigerated foods cereals’ water juices etc i know that they say it’s dumb to drink sugary beverages but drink them first since they can go bad and save water and longer lasting foods for when needed any one want to give they’re opinion???????

  30. Dancy said

    Go West! Not only are there less zombies, but if anyone in your group has any hunting skills, then West would be a much better choice then North. That way, if you do run out of food, you can hunt it, or fish it.

    OR…just get on a boat and fish.

    • Shelby said

      I suppose I don’t understand how there would be “less zombies” if you go out west? Sure, there’s more empty land and what not (less cities) but the populations are huge! There were nearly 7million people living in Arizona alone last year! You combine that with the 38million from California and that’s a lot of ‘effin Zombies!

      • CT said

        Approximately 35% of the population lives on the east coast. versus 15 % of the us population on the west coast. Going west is a viable option because there are less people overall, and considering the amount of space, you are more likely to find small population centers, versus on the east coast, even the small towns are only a few miles from larger population centers.

  31. thomas said

    1. call my family and friends regroup at my house. You should have some time before the moajority of the population is infected in your area (around 12 hours).
    2. I always thought that gathering supplies, weapons, survivors etc. was extremely important, though it’s not. You need to grab what you can in about 30 min. possibly stop at a dicks sporting goods for the guns if anything or maybe water. The point is you need to get to a safe place!!!
    3. We can assume 90% of the people are evacuating so chances are the streets will be busy. I live on the beach so I would load up our dodge ram 2500 cummins deisal engine, put it in four wheel drive then drive down the beach.
    4. Try to find a good sized boat and take off with it and anchor five miles off of the coast (no zombie will see you unless he has 20/20 vision and is over 10 ft tall)
    5. During sunrise have a heavily armed crew that is willing to get supplies note* this is not required but would be helpful. While they get supplies try to find a yacht, yes a yacht.
    6. You could obviously get seafood and would have comfortable conditions, but you would have a smaller boat to commute back and forth to the city for supplies. So the yacht generally stays anchored around 10 miles off the coast maybe 15.
    7. Set up signs for survivors with spray paint on all the major stores (remember most peole will be trying to loot them)for them to maybe meet you at a certain location so you could pick them up and then take them to your boat.

    The only flaw I can see in this plan is the zombies going underwater and walking or swimming 15 miles to our boat. If this were to happen we would just move the boat 5 mi everynight, or find an area with a very strong current. Also you could just find a deserted tropical island to live on too.

    • Bystander said

      Not an expert, but don’t boats and things require a TON of maintenance? This would be a pretty safe initial plan, but eventually you’ll have to dock for repairs. Though, maybe by then the majority of the undead would have wandered away from the coast… But wouldn’t finding a decent boat be a challenge? Like I said, I have no idea, really – maybe decent sized boats and such are available in large quantities near you. But I’d expect that anyone who owns one would have taken it away already? Just some thoughts.

  32. Xander said

    My plan is gonna include eventuly trapping one for study. That way you’ll know how long you’ll have to hold out and see if it survives on human flesh, or if it’ll eat animals too, and see if you can wait them out or if the only way to end them is to kill them off. And don’t trust the government, chances are they’ll shoot everyone to make sure they don’t get infected.

  33. lvl85belfhunter said

    This entire page has given me a lot to think about.
    My friend is a very avid zombie attack planner and he lives down the street from me so if anything ever happens he will know what to do. where ever he is he always thinks of what he would do if they attacked, sooo prepared. He and I are preparing a small enclosure in the bush/creek near our house. loading it with canned food and what not.
    and if all that fails. we will simply drive out to my farm west of sydney, in the middle of nowhere with 1000acres of land. and old army jeep and a box full of guns at our disposal.

    • Charlotte said

      Thankfully, a fellow Australian! It seems we are rather screwed due to our lack of guns and ammunition here though lucky if we manage to keep people from entering the country.

      • Sean said

        i totally agree…although Australia is a island and zombies cant swim so i heard but i thought if we went to bunnings yea i know cliche but it could work because i live in the central coast and the bunnings we have here is great i swear it was built for the zompocalypse the entries are very enclosed and the store is massive and right next to bunnings is the supa centa with all the stores you need for it eg coles and and all clothing stores …..just thought i would get my say in as i am currently filling a not book full of ideas 🙂

  34. sunshine said

    the way i see it they are not the kind of zombies that raise from the grave and try to eat your brains as a midnight snack but more or less related to noahs ark. god gets mad at the people and wants everey one to parrish but he has a weak spot for the humans so the lucky ones will surive. alot of my friends think that this side note is brilliant
    Side note: I was just reminded about this. Once a person is bit there is usually a window of time before they turn into one. No way we are going to take them out before they turn. I see this as a chance at their redemption. In my group, if you get infected, you get a weapon and a chance to take out as many of them as possible before you turn. If everyone goes down fighting we can slowly even the numbers.

  35. Captain Obvious said

    Ok. I’m seeing several plans and all seem pretty solid. However why not take over an old school prison? You know the ones with high walls and only one entrance with several towers? Also gather your friends and family, well at least those you like. Look at my thoughts.

    1. You need reliable transportation above all else. Go to your nearest dealer and steal the biggest truck(s) you can get, fill it up and several gas cans.

    2. Take your new prize to the nearest Gunstore. I don’t care for walmart but what the hell. Remember revolvers are less likely to jam so make perfect side arms. Also while you’re there remember to grab several rifles, ammo, and scopes. You may need to think about a few fully automatic rifles as well.

    3. Take your new prize to home depot, lowes, or any place that has seeds. Seeds are key here in my plan. Also look at gardening tools for cultivating crops. Also get your self any other items that may seem unimportant but you cant live without. Rechargeable batteries are a must as are cordless tools.

    4. Find a way to aquire solar panels and batteries. Trust me you’ll need power. And if done correctly you’ll enjoy having heat and ac.

    5. Food. Ok food in cans is a great. Lasts a long time but don’t forget the essentials, spaghetti noodles, sauce. they’re perfect because they don’t use up a lot of space but you need to bring your own pots and pans. You can’t have mine.

    6. First aid. I really hate walmart and to be honest there are other similar stores. You need pills. Dont worry about trying to cure insomnia eventually people will sleep but you need childrens medication and adult pain relievers, alcohol, cotton swabs, peroxide, etc.

    7. Survival items are important here. Assumig that your nearest water feature isn’t toxic, and the virus doesn’t infect other species you need to fish. You need to have several other items as well such as flash lights, rope, axes, etc. You get the point.

    8. The last step is taking over a prison. It may seem harder than it is. Remember there may be an outbreak in the prison or the warden might be a complete dick. Depending on the lay out of the prison, it may be the safest thing for you. If there are any survivors they must be taken care of regardless of if they’re prisoners, or guards.

    The beauty of all the things you acquired is that you have solar panels for heat or ac and to give power to the lights. The walls are solid and there is plenty of open space to plant your seeds to grow food. Water can be collected by cutting off the top to the water tower. If anything medical comes up you have the prisons hospital, or clinic at your disposal. The rifles will go on the towers and roof tops. I say a 4 man team per tower with one automatic rifle with 1000 rounds per and the other 3 rifles with scopes. The personel in charge of every cell block should have revolvers and anything else that may be handy such as shot guns. There should also be personnel on the rooftops with scoped rifles. Every tower needs to have radios, and so do the people on the roof and the people in charge of cell blocks. Everyone needs to made aware that they are not inmates but will be locked in at least the cell block for protection. Trust me it’s not an ideal plan but it is sustainable in the long run. You have power from the sun, water from the rain, food from the crops, security from the walls and towers, shelter because its a prison, and a hospital to take care of minor injuries. That’s my plan and i’m sticking to it.

  36. SamieltheMDS said

    Alright your plan seems ok for the most part but I don’t know about the whole staying in one place for too long thing. I mean yeah it could be dangerous but there is always ways around that and I don’t see as much of a problem with starting a new city in a way. Also I planned on shareing a bunch of info for my plan (as well as others) on a Youtube video soon as well as answer questions, so if you or anyone else is interested email me or something and I’ll make sure to send a link when the video is up.

  37. darrell said

    My plan is very simple and easy.
    1.Phone family and friends and tell them to meet at my house.
    2.Gather supplies(food,water,guns).
    3.Get in our trucks and head to the bunkers that are 4-7 miles from my house which is pretty useful.
    4.Send out supplie parties out when needed.
    5.Wait 4 months to a year and check on the situation. Zombies in the area will have most likely died by then.
    6.If step 6 comes and the zombies in the area die out rebuild our town and create a defensive perimiter.
    7.Build a farm,gather survivors,rebuild,kill zombies,it gets pretty basic from here on out. If we last that long.

  38. steff said

    The problem with smll armies… they make noise. The z’s will find you, and someone will die. you need to add a crowbar from the get-go, for a battering weapon, and to pry stuff open. as a native texan, I can tell you that yes, everyone has guns, and yes, ammo goes fast. It’s also really heavy and slows you down enough for zack to catch up. MY suggestion is simply this: carry something light but still effective. go with a 20 gague shotgun.light, ess kick, but still effective. or better yet, get a CROSSBOW. It is silent, has retreivable ammo, and is WAY less heavy.

  39. Zombie Staring Contest said

    One question, why would breaking a zombies back stop it? I know that the spine is connected to the brain and the legs, but don’t forget that a zombie’s brain isn’t even active. And for some odd reason they can still run so I just need you to explain why that would work

    • A.L. said

      Zombies won’t exactly be like Super Humans. If their back is broken they can’t walk, because the back is pretty much where everything is.

      • Turtles420 said

        i’m a few years late but, even if the brain isnt “thinking”it still has to send electrical impulses to the muscles to make them move so if you break the back then the connection to the legs will be broken.

  40. rydude17 said

    my strategy is as following: get all my family back to my house as soon as possible, because they all have something that will help our survival.

    my dad is great at fixing things, and he’s very strong.

    my mom is smart, and has nurse training.

    my sister can speak several different languages and she can drive very well.

    and i have several different plans lined up depending on the situation we find ourselves in, i’ve been pondering the zombie apocalypse for a while now.

    once they are all at my house, i wll barricade the doors, get everyone upstairs, get the canned food upstairs, then wait until the panic dies down. once most of the street has either escaped, died or been zombified, i sneak out through my bedroom window (which is our escape route in the event of a fire where the stairs are blocked) quietly as i can, with one of the large blunt objects in my room that i could use to kill a zombie. i will creep to the store, loot any food/weapons i can find, then return to my home, killing or sneaking past any zombies still around. i’ll make my way back to the house, throw a couple of weapons up to my family, who will then climb down, get in the car with me and drive off. we will keep driving until we are miles away from any town or we run out of gas. at which point we will get out and walk the rest of the way towards a tiny farmhouse i’ve marked on a map in my room.

    when we get there, we will either speak with whoever lives there or kill the zombies they’ve turned into.

    thats just one of my plans though, i have many others but that would take a while to tell you about.

    • cody Brennis said

      Everyone needs to remember that big chain stores such as Walmart, Costco and whatnot, are going to be FULL of people trying to do the same thing as you. Not to mention it only takes ONE infected to turn that ENTIRE store full of people that you just entered into a bloodbath. And people that plan on taking over stores or prisons forget that their not going to be the only ones left in the zombocalypse that have guns and know how to use them. if you try to take over a prison you will most likely be shot trying, same goes for the Walmart takeover. Unless you’re extremely lucky and the stores or prison have been deserted or locked down from the previous night and you find a back door to slip into. Your best bet is to hit the small corner stores for water, food, beer (you’re gonna need one), and also small first aid kits. Not a lot of people will bother stopping at those stores because they’re too far out of the way. The next step would be to seek shelter, keeping on the move would prove to be difficult if you’re bringing your family along in multiple vehicles. I would get a map of your area and seek out the smallest town in driving distance, preferably a town with less than 10,000 residents. I have multiple towns with less than 2000 residents in my vicinity that I could pick and choose from. You’ll need to find the strongest abandoned shelter you can find and make it impregnable. Tip, look for wood mills, they have high towers and silos, most have sheet metal walls on the outside and high enough walls in the log yard to keep trespassers out after quitting time, you should find some vending machines in the lunchroom or the office area that will supply some food for a short period. You’ll also be able to find heavy equipment vehicles capable of lifting and moving massive ammounts of weight, such as 950’s, forklifts, excavators and such with diesel and liquid propane on site for refueling. The mill that I work at has first aid kits at every station and a whole room with replenishing supplies. And lucky for me, there’s a small corner store not more than 100 yards from the mill full of food. Most likely, most mills will be abandoned so you wont have to force your way in and “take over” the place. You’ll run into endless melee weapons to choose from, anything from axes to chainsaws, to shovels and broomsticks, giant vehicles to woodchippers. The place would not only be a breeze to make impregnable, but also easy to defend and big enough to house a big army, and multiple escape and evasion choices. Give it a thought.

      • jeff said

        very smart. i like that. only problem is wood is burnable. the slightest thing goes wrong whether it be raiders or a fellow member getting attacked, could easily drop something or knock something over and start a fire turning you into a crispy critter along with everyone else inside. steel yard would be a nice upgrade in the future, but just have to make due with what we have. thanks for the info 🙂

      • jeremyb498 said

        Thats the best plan I have seen yet.

  41. JoNathon said

    Is the requiremnt to post on here to be completely unprepared? Everyone here wants to go get people, steal supplies, loot and just kind of travel on a whim. I read most of the comments and posts and replies. No one brings up having a “bug out bag” or currently owning guns. (Mind you I didn’t read all) It does’t sound like anyone here is prepared. What do you think will happen when your city is or a city in the nearby state is crawling with the dead? Everyone is going to Wallmart and every other store. The roads will be chaotic! You wont have time to call friends and family. Chances are the phone lines will be down or too congested to make a phone call. Did anyone try to make a cellular call on 9/11/01? And that was an attack in one city. Your friends and family need to know what to do already. Everyone needs to have their supplies and understand what to do, now. If you don’t own a gun and haven’t had proper training chances are you will end up shotting yourself or missing the zombies. Given a common rule consideration, the hardest thing to hit is the head. It’s small, they shuffle and move it around a lot, you’re going to be scared our of your whits, and now you haven’t had training.
    My advice is get a gun lesson, buy a gun(s) know where you are going, inform your friends and family of your plan, get a “bug out bag” and have back up plan that is as solid as your first plan.

  42. Realfilms1000 said

    Me and my buds took the “Zombie Survival Quiz” and I got 76% he got 24%

  43. Matt said

    Anyone planning to raid a grocery store or costco after a Zombie apocalypse has started will find nothing but bare shelves. Every food store will be the first place people go. Supplies will be stripped rapidly, Riots, stampedes, people will be killing each other in the parking lot to take supplies for themselves, Infection will be spread… look at a regular black Friday, it’ll be 100X worse! Planning to take refuge in one would be nearly impossible as there are dozens of entrances to defend.

    Build up a supply of canned and non perishable food stuffs in advance as well as water and water purification capabilities. Have a bug out bag so you can move quickly if you need too. I recommend an assault rifle. You can carry way more ammo than a shotgun. I can carry nearly 500 rounds of .223 ammo for around the same weight as 100 shotgun shells. If you can’t afford an M4 you can get a Romainian AK-47 for around 450$ ammo is cheap and so are spare mags with at least a major sidearm that has high capacity. and a melee weapon for a last resort or if you need to kill Z’s while not attracting to much attention. I have a Bushmaster M4 A3 with 15 mags and 1000 rds of ammo and a Glock model 22 that fires 40 cal ammo with 15 rd mags. I would carry two cold steel machetes and my K-bar. Also a mix of chain mail and riot gear would make you invulnerable to being bitten. You could be swarmed with 20 Z’s and all they could do is give you an upset stomach with their stench.

  44. Paul said

    I often have discussions with colleagues in work about what we would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I’m happy to say that my ideas fit in with what I have read here.
    I was laughed at a little when told that I shouldn’t move about and should stay cooped up somewhere.
    Being from the UK though, there are not many ‘warm’ places so evidently taking on zombies would be a little more challenging as there wouldn’t be much to slow down the decomposition of the walking dead

  45. jarhead551 said

    Pretty good plan, I can’t see any flaws that others haven’t already pointed out.

    My own plan is, since i’m in a big city and roads will be packed, is try and hold up my house for a day but we have sliding glass doors and large floor to ceiling windows that someone could break through if they really wanted to, so I’d have to leave or spend a few hours or days getting my house fortified. What i ultimately plan to do is to gather family/friends and any other survivors i can find, bike to Ikea (it’s less than an hour walk away from my house) because i figure that if i can get lost in there, so can a zombie. Plus who thinks of going to a furniture store during a zombie apocalypse?
    First step after getting to Ikea is to barricade it and as Ikea is a furniture store there’s plenty of materials to use to do so.
    All Ikea’s have a restaurant so i can use the food there to last me a few days until i can scavenge what’s left at close by grocery stores and restaurants. The Ikea i live by is on the edge of a shopping district that includes grocery stores, hunting stores, retail and department stores (where i can find generators, flashlights, building/repair equipment, fuel/propane, even some seeds and i think they also have solar panels), book stores(for entertainment, because boredom can cause you to be more distracted than reading a book will) and plenty of other stores filled with random shit that i might need. There’s also a Costco a few blocks from the Ikea that i could raid if supplies run low at the shopping center. Now I know that shopping centers will be crowded thus resulting in magnitudes of the undead, but if i can fortify Ikea (which as stated above is on the very edge of the center) then i can us that as a base and slowly pick off the zombies.
    Unfortunately i can’t do this forever so once i have enough supplies i’ll head to the oil plant that my dad works at. it’s out in the middle of nowhere, has generators, a camp, a kitchen, a lake that’s full of completely clean water, and it’s surrounded by a forrest that’s filled with wild animals that you can hunt. They also have extensive medical and safety supplies, even their own fire truck. If for some reason this falls through I plan to head west to the mountains to small little camping sites that have wells for a water supply or that are close by to lakes and that are nowhere near tourist destinations. I’ll hunt for food, plant a garden as well as berry pick, and if there are lakes, i’ll fish. every now and then i scavenge in one of the small near by towns for any supplies. And if this won’t work then i’ll probably travel around the country looking for survivor groups and see if they let me join. And if i run out of gas trying to find them, i’ll go on foot until I run out of supplies. After that it’s to heaven i go.

    • Anynomious said

      Hey head down to texas benbrook tx. I’ll be putting together a group to survive and I’ve got tons of automatics im friends with a marine and a cop they have tons of guns I’ll recruit you to if you come down here

    • Sierra said

      Hey here in Massachusetts we have a good group, with weapon experts and really valuable supplies, you can join us too if we are closer, we already have three solid plans to use we will gladly take in survivors!

  46. jake said

    i suggest using a garbage truck over a snow plow as they have the weight to push though most traffic aswell as the back provides a larger area to store supplys and other survivors

    as im an australian i have devised a ZA plan myself that is simmilar to yours it covers a few apparel tips u have missed tho


    step 1 apparell and grouping:
    put on multiple jumpers+leather jacket 3 pairs of jeans hightop sneakers ducktape jeans securly to shoes scarf and full head motorcycle helmet and 3 pairs of wollen gloves also duck taped to jumper. this will make it verry difficult for a zombie to bite, scratch or bleed on me inturn avioding infection.once dressed i will call close by friends and relatives to join me aswell as instruct them on attire.if they can make it to location provided in step 3 i will take them with me

    step 2 basic weponary (will be upgraded l8r) :
    machette and base ball bat with rope wrist attachments to avoid droping or theft
    both kept in cubboard in bedroom

    step 3 attaining vehical:
    as i already own a van i will load up a bag of clothes and a few bottles of water and head directly to walsend dump once there will use bat to break window in offfice and obtain keys to a dump truck.
    security features of a dump truck are its heavy so can push though abandoned cars easily also high doors so difficult for zombies to get in plus the rubish area on back will provied a safe area for eating and sleep when needed aswell as room for other survivors.

    step 4 food and water
    as jesmond coles is the closest it will be my first stop to aquire canned goods and plenty of water if it has been cleared out already will head to newcastle coles and hopefully aquire all necessitys for the time being.

    step 5 fire power
    drive truck to adamstown army base and aquire some real fire power by offering the reamainging soldiers refuge.

    step 6 fuel up and drive
    using the soldiers to form a defensive line will fill truck at the base then head west stopping in at corner stores and small shops to aquire more supplys for the group. (why west u ask?. its beacause heading west there a fewer people and flatter grounds so easier to see approaching zombies as well as the heat rotting the zombie flesh faster then the city heat would) once far enought west set up a stong hold in a good solid 2story brick house, assuming this will be a farm house use the metal sheeting from the shed to cover all windows and other weak points of the house.

    step 7 wait it out
    if food and water are running low go to the second floor and cut a viewing window in a window on each side of the house once assured there are no zombies in the vacinity venture out with 3 others seperate into 2 groups 1 takes the truck rope and rifles to kill and bring back a cow the other takes empty water containers and rifles to the dam to gain more water once achieved return to house with supplys and resecure the house

    step 8 live on
    by most movies the zombies will have died out after 1-2 months
    once this has happend cautiously return to city outer limits and search for other survivors.

    this plan may not be perfect but i think it will be 1 of the best options avaliable in these circumstances i hope this has readied to for the oncoming zombie appocolypse
    thanks for reading and good luck

    • Joy said

      Great idea… But here in Queensland it’s too hot to wear clothing like that.. I’ll wear a tight pair of skinny jeans with knee high leather boots… And a thin sweater top… Just to absorb sweat…

      I bet I’ll be the only blonde in Brisbane that survives… I mean real blonde, none of this dark blonde bullshit.. My hair is a pale blonde.. Almost platinum.. I’ve never seen someone with my colouring face to face, ever… Well other than my twin sister, but that doesn’t count

    • jeremyb498 said

      I like the garbage truck idea that is what I thought about to.

  47. jake said

    please comment on anything i may have forgotten

  48. Hemaglobinishta said

    Hi, i am a zombie and well quite frankly im highly offended.
    #1 all your brains are destoryed already.
    -you have completely rotted them with your fast food eating and video game playing.
    If i’m going to come up from my secret lair and go on an eating spree it will most likely be
    to an amish village. Their brains are much more intact with knowledge. Theirs arent rotting
    with filth like the rest of you americans.
    #2 we are intelligent creature you dimwits.
    – we used to be humans exactly like all of you. we know how your minds work.
    #3 we can swim, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. My mother put me in swimming lessons
    for a reason.
    #4 we’re fooling all you people. we can shoot guns too. we have built underground tunnels to
    get around. HM.. where do all those “missing people” go to? FEEDING THE ZOMBIES DUH.
    Thank your government for that. We signed a treaty in 1879. They would provide us with fresh
    humans periodically as long as we no longer ambushed society.

  49. Shelby said

    So, I found a website that listed some reasons that a Zombie Apocalypse wouldn’t happen. I sort of disagree with it. I don’t think that these facts would full on stop a Zombie attack but I think that they could help us fight them off! However, these would only work if we were under attack by rotting, “back from the dead” zombies! Now, if something like what’s in “28 Days Later” came after us, we’d probably be screwed.
    Anyways. It states that you should go somewhere cold. They say that because the zombies are nothing but “raw meat” with no source of body heat, they will eventually freeze solid! Or get “freezer burnt” if they continue to freeze and thaw. That would eventually destroy them or at least make them easier to fight off. So, going somewhere cold may be a good idea. Then again, it could be harder for a human to survive below freezing conditions for that long.

    Also, it mentioned something about flies and the fact that zombies are rotting flesh! Flies would eat that up in no time! Zombies won’t have the reflexes to swat the flies away. “Zombies in any part of the world with a fly problem are going to be swarming with maggots in short order, meaning that most of their soft tissues will be infested and their eyes will be very quickly useless.” May not kill them but it would definitely give us an advantage against them if they can’t see!

    Of course, flies aren’t going to be in below freezing temperatures so that means that we would have to be somewhere warm. And, according to that list, “Dead bodies bloat because of the gases created by the bacteria, meaning that in warmer areas Zombies are going to start getting fat in the first few days. After a few weeks of this, the nasty, bloated zombie army is going to start doing something that is simultaneously the most awesome and disturbing thing a zombie can do: they will start exploding.”
    Now, this may not effect many of them if they have open spaces to allow the gases to escape but it could definitely help out with reducing their numbers!

    It also states that the they would decay and rot faster under the heat of the sun and fall apart. That may take a while but it’s definitely a possibility.

    Also, something about the zombies having no sense of their surroundings therefore they would constantly be running into shit and knocking limbs off or falling off cliffs and bridges. Don’t really know how accurate that could be but if they are knocking body parts off it will be easier to fight them off, for sure!

    Now for my favorite part!

    “Add to the mix the sheer number of armed rednecks and hunters out there, and the zombies don’t even stand a chance. Remember, the whole reason hunting licenses exist is to limit the number of animals you’re allowed to kill, because if you just declared free reign for everybody with a gun, everything in the forest would be dead by sundown. It’s safe to assume that when the game changes from “three deer” to “all the rotting dead people trying to eat us,” there will be no shortage of volunteers.”

    Haha. Now, like I said, I don’t think that all of this would fully stop a zombie apocalypse but I think that it could help us make a pretty solid plan!

  50. Halo 5 said

    I agree with JoNathan. I understand your probably too young to own a gun, or your families against it, whatever the case suck it up. A plan is better then no plan, but if a zombie outbreak occurred your not just fighting zombies! If someone’s trying too bug out, and you have the only ride, bats not going too help you. I know your rolling your eye’s your in a car, I’m on foot. Run him down right? Have you ever seen what happens too cars that don’t stop in a war zone? We stop them! Someone has something you want, take it. Being a nice guy isn’t going too help you. Look up a real bug out plan, they have them for natural disasters, fall out, invasion, and modify it too work for yourself. I just read a comment from someone else, Matt you don’t own and M4, you have the civilian varriant AR15!

  51. Lauren said

    Some of you people make me want to blow my brains out.

    Just so you know, not every one in Texas carries a gun stereotypically. we still have lots of hipsters, PETA members, and crazy cat ladies. even here in east Texas were almost every truck has a Browning insignia on the rear shield. but if you live in the south (lucky me) when the ZA hits, then your more or less set, depending on your know-how (ten bucks says when the US recovers, it’ll be in the south) as long as you stay far away from big cities and suburbs like Dallas and Shreveport.
    “Matt” has a point when he/says says a gun with lighter ammo is a smarter choice, but you shouldn’t be carrying around all of your worldly possessions in a back-pack. if you get overrun w/ Z’s your completly screwed if you have 40 lbs. of crap on your back and you got 30 Resident Evil type Z’s after you. you need a vehicle. preferably a big one like a semi or Fed-Ex/UPS truck. and staying reletively close to rural/sparsely populated areas is smarter than sticking your self out in Death Valley or the top of a Colorado mtn. for obvious reasons.
    but for a rebuttal on “Matt’s” claim that m4’s are superior to shotguns, I defer. for all the Yankees and n00bs out there who have never shot a gun or if your in a get-out-or-die sitch then a 12 gauge, or yes a pistol, would be your best bet. because with a shotgun you either hit the target or ya don’t simple as that. now if you get a sawed-off and fill it w/ birdshot, then you’re set.
    Also, yes stupid people! do NOT go raid Wal-Mart!!!!! OR ANY MAJOR CITY BUSINESS!!! raid a truck stop or gas stationont he outskirts of a small town! steal a vehicle (if you need to) from the side of the road! seriously!?
    also you cant beat your classic gardening tools: pick-axe, shovel, sledge-hammer, machete/chainsaw, etc. so if you have those and a gun store isnt close, don’t sweat it (to bad) you should be okay if you play it smart.
    And, if you watch The Walking Dead, then you know guns aren’t always the best choice.
    i have a helluva lot more i could say but i will not.

  52. Frankie said

    The plan seems quite good, a few holes and stuff but still a good basic plan. As for the clothing i say find motorbike clothing, it’s pretty much impossible to bite through.

    • Joy said

      You mean leather??? Guys the zombies will just be corpses.. Bio terrorists will alter the H1N1 strain… To create zombies, super influenza… They won’t be stronger or faster than living humans… That’s a rediculous idea!! Not after a trial run of the BOW… it’d take years of deticated study and research to make the resulting infected stronger and faster?? And what would they have to gain by doing that??? Like I said… It’d be used as a bio weapon, for mass murder.. Nothing more…

  53. Frankie said

    Also, i understand having a big vehicle is safe and strong and whatever but it would require lots of fuel, so again i reccomend a motorbike. I mean it seems to prove zombie charecters useful -E.g Daryll from the walking dead, and Alice from resident evil. 🙂

  54. Frankie said

    Also, i understand everyone’s concern for family but loads of you have said your first plan is calling them and getting them to go to your house. First of all, chances are they’ll get eaten on the way and roads will be full of traffic therefore you’ll have to go and get them yourself. Secondly during the event of a zombie apocalypse i expect people will be to shocked to remember to grab thier phones and power will most probably be down after a few days and i’m sure people’s first priority won’t be checking into facebook.

  55. Alex Gromley said

    Well.. I have a couple problems for ur plan.. First.. Ur weapon choice.. A ball bat would work.. But on the other hand.. Say ur out on the street when the apocalypse starts?.. U have to be versatile in weapon choice.. Best bet in that situation.. In my opinion would be to head in the nearest police station (if you have one) or to the nearest place for firearms.. Pistols work great for making light work for zombies.. I’d recomend a 380 high point.. Hold 7 rounds per clip plus one in the chamber.. Rifles may be used as a bludgeon for cqc (close quarters combat).. Also great for long distance.. I’d u can get the zombies grouped 1 round may take out 3 or 4 of them.. Find a place with only one entry point.. Or maybe two.. If two leave one completely bolted shut.. Once ur armed and have a safe haven.. Worry about food And whatnot.. Non perishables tts.. Although eat the perishables first

  56. I love you.

  57. Anynomious said

    Your plan is falwed to the maxmum while I was reading it first if you give every one that gets bitten a gun or blade they leave never to return what if it’s immedalty or if you do use that plan it is going to cost you a lot of wepons and then the insane will try to attack you who are your allies what are their strengths weakness I agree to keep moving but instead of keep moving go to isolated ocean front and do whata history book do in colonization they were Indians against settlers and build a fort with makeshift boats for escape or find boats and scavenge them get water purifying tablets along the way or even before hand modify your own truck to be able to take up to 12 people with slots to shoot out of and convert any scrap metal or wood and build the fort with posts escape routes get woman for If your team is the only one alive to recolinize and make sure you have backup plans in case zombie block your original route just saying I had a great time reading this

    • Anynomious said

      I’m sorry about my hasty conclusion of one of the plans but think of a lot more places to go than one and like someone said dont go to common shops for supplies everyone will be there it will be gone have teams make sure from 12-24 you might walk slow and you are rolling your eyes but think about the enemy here we are going off what we know do the unthinkable for the zombie give them certain stats and disadvantages and try your situation there

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  59. Perry said

    I have three problems, but other than that I find this to be a relatively serviceable plan. 1: Any grocery store that has not already been looted bone dry is probably going to swarmed with zombies (assuming of course that the invasion has already reached you). 2: Heat does help speed decomposition, but only if it’s moist as well. Unfortunately, you’re mostly at hot and dry in the northwest, which is a preservative climate. 3: While “water zombies” really aren’t much of a threat, the water wil actually preserve them at enough depth (because it’s cold). And salt water will actually work best, because salt is an antibiotic, and effective against bacterial decomposition.

  60. Cardio is great, but with enough strength, even the most blunt of objects can turn into a “one shot: one kill” weapon. So get to lifting!

    • me > you said

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can destroy a skull with one well placed swing with an aluminum baseball bat. That’s only if I’m trying to be quiet, or after I run out of ammo with my 300 win mag, 30-06, ar-15, sks, 12 guage, 44magnum, glock 17, glock 20, beretta 96, LCP, and .22. Yay Arizona!!

      My friend made an interesting point the other day. A good 10/22 might be the best anti-zombie weapon you can have. All you need is a head shot and a .22 will rattle around inside a noggin a lot after penetration. Easy follow up shot, light ammo, you can get high capacity magazines that hold 30 (you should get several of these if you’re serious about this zombie stuff), relatively quiet compared to other guns, and easy to shoot for inexperienced shooters.

      It will also kill non-zombie types who want your stuff, it wont have that all important “knock down power” but it’ll punch a hole in someone and really, what else do you need? Maybe not the best choice if you’re a bad shot so learn how to shoot sissies.

      Well, I live in Northern Arizona so I will simply grab a bunch of my camping/hunting gear and head to one of my camping spots and hang out living off the land by a lake or creek. The only thing i don’t have figured out is beer… I think i’m going to have to switch to whiskey. It doesn’t take as much to get you drunk so it’ll take up much less space. Easier to make raids for too. A 30 pack weighs a lot more than a fifth of JD so quicker, easier egress from buildings.

    • Cassidy(; said

      What if your not a very fit person? and what if your pregnant?!

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  62. Thomas Lockwood said

    Right. Staying connected is the best idea. About always being mobile, I’m not too sure. We have only been working on this plan for about 2 days yet have found very many different plans. For instance I’ll just point this out, with age comes stamina, strength, basically just better all around abilities. My group will be crossing country to country picking up the talented individuals from my(our) Xbox Live friends list but consists of 14-17 year olds(me myself being 16). One of our guys can fly a plane and I’ve seen him do it too. Also we have all made a plan based on our location and then mashed them all together, this plan will land us in Wyoming. You wrote “less people = less zombies”. Reason being the choice of Wyoming is that it is the least populous country in the U.S. If you would like to know the rest of the plan, simply email me and I’ll relay the information. Ps my GamerTag on Xbox is LuckyRooster117, if you friend me you may get included in this plan.

  63. Ethan said

    They’re turning some abandoned missile silos into houses… Grab as much supplies as you can, grab some friends, weapons, ammo, anything you can, go to a silo, shut the blast doors, and you’re set. Not to mention meat will rot completely before too long. Have you ever left a steak out? Same principles apply. When all the Z’s are gone, the world is your playground!

  64. Lucy said

    This is great. Basically the same as my plan 😀 Except when It’s starts im going to my local coach place and im taking a coach, pimping it up a bit and turning it into a zombie killing machine, and we can also find the cure while in it 😀

  65. Nick said

    I like your plan but listen to mine:
    Me and my friends are already been planning this at my school which is right next to the airport. Two of us know how to fly basically any aircraft.
    Step one: we all meet up at our school and salvage any food/ drinks
    Step two: we load all our supplies into a plane and fly out of the city, head towards san fransisco.
    Step three: land at the local airport and unload all supplies into a car or whatever.
    Step 4: we plan to make our way to the uss.hornet which is an aircraft carrier docked in san fran.
    Step 4: go state by state and salvage whatever we can get fuel, guns etc

    We chose to be on an aircraft carrier because we wanted to avoid worrying about zombies attacking us and its basically a huge home to us. We also have access to planes and helicopters.

  66. Headbounce said

    Is there much likelihood of cross species zombification? If Sharks and other marine predators eat a zombie who is walking/swimming under water, will they become infected?

    More a curious question than a Zpoc policy guiding question.

  67. jacob said

    I’ve thought about it a lot and my plan requires a lot of risks, but if it worked out I would have a pretty good chance.
    Step 1: Gather friends, but try to stay low on the family. It sounds cruel but my family is made up of weak people, both mentally and physicaly. I would most likely bring my mother and maybe my cousins, depending on what age they would be at the time of the infection. Also my best friends, about 2 or 3.

    Step 2: Gather whatever remains of food and water i can take from my house (I’ hope my friends/ cousin would bring some also, and hopefully also some weapons). I’d grab my shovel from my garage.

    Step 3: This will sound crazy, but our group will take two cars, and head to the city. It will most likely be a SHIT STORM there, It is Toronto, but I’d hope we would get there in the first few days of the first infection, so it wouldn’t be too bad.

    Step 4: We’d find a suitable building with water, food and hopefully some more weapons. Hopefully a building with high floors, because I don’t think zombies would even bother going up tons of stairs. We’d then wait out the shit storm outside. Considering Toronto is a large city i’m hoping the military would soon roll in, leading to step 5…..

    Step 5: Here’s the most risky part, if going into the city wasn’t enough. From the window of the building we would plan a safe way to get to some of the armoured vehicles and dead military. We would divide the group into thirds, and two thirds would wait until the other third did their job, which is the risky part. We would quietly make our way to the Royal Ontario Museum, avoiding zombies. When we finally got there, we’d grab as many old weapons on display as possible, setting off alarms in the process( if not we’d just set the alarm off manually). This would allow us to gather more weapons and also draw the attention of most of the zombies in the city, drawing them away from the rest of the group waiting. We’d get the hell out of that place, and make sure no zombies see us escaping back towards the rest of the group.

    Step 6: When we finally got back to the rest of the group we’d start looting the military/vehicles, gathering lots of guns and ammunition, and getting the armoured vehicles ready. as soon as we had all the supplies we needed we’d get the hell out of that place, leading to step 7.

    Step 7: We’d start driving towards our family friend’s cottage, which is in the middle of nowhere with many large houses surrounding a lake. In those houses we would be able to set up seperate camps. We would set up shift to scout around the forest, making sure to quietly dispose of any undead they come across as to not draw attention to ourselves.
    We would set up a main base with the biggest house and block all the entrances with the armoured vehicles until we were sure that it was safe to go outside.

    Step 8: We would the start sending out members of our group to drive towards the main roads, hopefully finding more survivors, and therefore more supplies. We would slowly build up our group, meanwhile using any materials nessecary to start building a barricade around the houses. Slowly we would build up our numbers until we could move survivors to house nearby, but not on the lake. This would allow even more Safety, so that if something went wrong at one house we would be able to take care of it.

    Step 9: Rebuild society. build up a sort of a Woodbury thing from walking dead, but rebuild society better, make everyone respect each other, make a place where money is non-existent and not needed.

    And that’s pretty much my plan. sorry I didn’t mean to wright a novel but I got really into it. I know i’d most likely die at step 5, maybe even step 3, but it’s just a plan, and if you think about it plans are made to be changed. Anyways hope you enjoyed.

  68. Jewel said

    Try cutting off the brain stem if you are going solo against a zombie or two. Or if you are fighting more, aim for the back of the knees or the Achilles tendon with a machete or knife, which would disable them to walking.

  69. Kyle said

    I have been thinking about the z apocalypse and I got a few more things to add 1 always carry more than one wepon for me in my home I have a fire axe and a claw hammer that I will have at all times , you always see movies when some dude gets his wepon nocked out of his hand then he does. Also never search alone for the love of god there is always one that goes off to scout or to collect or some thing elce and that die its not hard take a mate so you do not die. Lastly in opens water is the only safe warter , think you find a stream looks clean but up the stream there could be a dead zombie and your drinking bits of it and now your a zombie.

  70. Justin said

    I am in the military and we have talked about this topic alot. The topic about their being a military to control the zombie issue. We have all discussed this and as military members, if a zombie attack happened we would all not worry about the contract we have with the military. Its all about you and your family at that point. There will not be a military to help control the issue. Therefore find a plan and pray to god it doesnt involve the military helping out.

  71. Sgt. V. said

    Step 4 west is a good idea.. zombies are dead flesh a real zombie apocalypse wont last long with the heat they will decompose quicker and explode.. in the north they will freeze.. if its some other infection where its not dead people just crazy people with a taste for live human flesh the above still applies just might take a little longer.. but luckily i live right next to and have access to an Army depot.. where Military equipment and vehicles is manufactured grab my friends get in grab some up-armored hummvees some strykers a fuel truck and a deuce and a half load up on supplies guns obviously fuel and head north to the cold.. snow and ice where we dig in and go at it..

    • Sgt. V. said

      I forgot to add hook up water buffalos to end of every vehicle.. if anyone was or is in the military they know these things hold a lot of water.. if you dont know what it is or anything else just google it..

  72. ZombieSam said

    Ha goodluck dying in the first two days. If theirs 1 way into the apartment theirs 1 way out and what if it’s clogged with zombies. And watch the walking dead season 2. One guy gets his stomach ripped open and if they can rip open a stomach they can rip a shirt jacket zipper. Sorry just trying to save your life.

  73. Tyler said

    I live on the Coast of Northern California (an hour or so from Oregon). My plan is to grab my emergency bag/stash(which includes: Water bottle, water filter, canned/long lasting foods, lighter, dinner knife, paper, pencil, baseball bat or a crossbow if I can get one in time) and head to the docks and steal a boat(I’ll bring people with me if possible). I would travel down to Gaviota Dock Gaviota Beach Road CA 93117 (West of Santa Barbara) and wait there for people to show up. I will have a Facebook “event” for anyone who wants to join me. I will wait for a little while and stock up on things if I can. Then I will go to the Channel Islands to fill on on anything else we can get. Final destination is Kauai, Hawaii. It is a small island, has no predetors and is overrun with chickens and has some pigs. Zombies will not have gotten all of the livestock because the terrain is much too hard for a Zombie to travel. Small island=small population=limited zombies. This island has a Costco as well as other grocery stores, fruits growing, salt farms. Plus, IF needed, there are nearby islands that may have lots of resources too.

  74. Pat said

    This if there is such things as a zombie or walking dead there is a disease called cjd witch is a human form of mad cow disease and there is also ansd look those up

  75. Joy said

    I live in Brisbane Australia… So I’ll pack up and head west aswell.. Difference is Australia’s deserts are completely empty save the indigenous and wildlife.. Just wait it out for a month or two.. Or until rigamortis takes out all the zombies.. Guys it’s 45 degrees Celsius in the Aussie outback… Which is 113 degrees Fahrenheit… And the sun is stronger than the Grand Canyon.. Believe me!! South of the equator and all that.. Plus we have huge amounts of humidity.. It’ll dry out a whole glass of water in 3 hours… The zombies will decompose faster in the heat!! Hiding in the cold is a fucking stupid idea!!! Freezing temperatures preserve food for gods sake!! Logic!!! Stupid yanks!! Go to the hotter climates, or you’re all dead!!

  76. sam said

    Ur going to die quick I personally have a full suit of chainmail armor that is very light weight and bite proof, full body camo sentlock uniform and a speed bike helment (total head protection) you may think its too heavy but carry it for a week and u won’t even feel it, for wepons a silenced pistol two machetes two buck knives and a hunting rifle, my plan is to take my large 4×4 truck to the everglades were I know how to hunt fish and stay alive for years and go camping with all the camping supplies I own cuz I’m a REDNECK and a country boy can survive

  77. Josh said

    I do have a question. How would you know and how long into the apocolypse would you know you were in one?

  78. scott said

    hey, i am only eleven years old, but i think you shoild just stay in your homes with your family, board up all windows ( and back doors ) leave the front door barricaded but accessable so you can go to the store every week. and also, if you kill all the zombies in your neghiborhood then there is not much to worroy about. if you feel the need to move, i say try to repopulate the area, go out to the country side in the south, start a new empire. stay a democracy. if this plan does not work then take a boat and go to the flordia keys

  79. Topher said

    erhm… even if zombies were possible they would have to breathe and there heart would have to beat because they need oxygen for energy and the blood carries the blood round the body

  80. Dylan said

    Hello! I am Dylan. I was wondering… I too believe the zombie apocalypse will happen, though, all I have in the department of weapons is kitchen knifes (they aren’t even that think/sturdy…). I in the North Carolina region, where are you (if I am allowed to ask)? I ask, because I was thinking if you are actually getting ready, as am I, then we can meet half way, and be a team! If you don’t mind, could you send the reply to my email (gamer I am using my little sisters laptop, and if I visit this site too much, they’ll block it (the school from which my sister received it)… So, yeah! I have to say that if it doesn’t happen (the zombie apocalypse), then I’ll be kind of sad. I will probably resort to playing something like DayZ for a couple months after Dec.21st, lol. ——-Woah. Looking at all the comments NOW, I see waaaaay too many people have seen this… Hoi, I see you are pretty famous, and this reduces my hope you will reply, haha!——

  81. Dylan said

    Sorry, Dylan again. It’s not gamer (space) . It’s all one word… Sorry!!

  82. Kirk V said

    For reference, zombies will not be able to travel underwater. If you have studied Biology, then you might remember how the human body metabolizes food. It uses oxygen. It is complicated and I really can’t remember all of it, but I do remember that every animal, no matter how bloodthirsty and stupid, must breathe.

  83. Luis said

    Should I eat tacos and burritos for lunch while hunting Z’s? I bet not. I think meat will attract zombies. I also recommend to not eat anything that’ll have to make you “go” a lot. I have an electric guitar, do you think that’ll be another starter weapon? How about hammers? Saws? GOLF CLUBS? I also think that a first aid kit will help with pretty much mostly non-zombie related injuries. Over-the-counter med may help is someone is lightly to moderately sick. I get stomach aches a lot and I think if the apocalypse comes in my time, I’ll go grab some immodium.

  84. JAY said

    Im going to get drunk and laugh at all you when the world doesnt end, you stupid fucks

  85. JAY said

    Or if it does happen im just gonna run like crazy

  86. CJ said

    you all over think this, all you need is to find a open field a few miles from a small town fence it off and build a long standing base, and a tower maybe, have a group of about 20 friends/ family/ strangers, and when food gets low get to town and raid it, houses will be more rewarding then stores check cars because you never know what you will find, and hunt in any wooded area for deer or small game, traps like pits work anything more elaborate is a waste of time head south not north the flat states make seeing the zed easier, but remember that makes it easier for them to see you.

  87. Thomas Hampton said

    Don’t shoot them before they turn? BULLSHIT. You get bit? You get shot.

  88. Greg Simpson said

    You have an overall good or even great plan that i admire, i very much like you idea about a baseball bat as a primary weapon (even though i will be using a Remington 870 myself). I myself likee the idea of going into flat land but under my circumstances i will be in the mountains, and i think it will take more time for any Zombies to climb them. Come join me in western montana when it all happens lol

  89. TM said

    I may be resurecting a dead thread but i see a major flaw in most of the plans and that is poit 1.
    1. Phone family and friends and tell them to meet at my house. << Everyone will be doing that from people like you prepeared with a plan to mothers who want to make sure their kinds are ok. It may sound strage but my oppinion is that phones networs will fall in the first hour after the outbrake just because everyone will be using them.

  90. Sierra z-day said

    You guys do know that even though we are prepared for a movie typical zombie Apocalypse, the zombies are probably different then what we expect, you are going to have to study them because as it was stated in the main article knowledge in power.

  91. omnomnomnivore said

    you are going to die if you do this. you can’t just take people in your group, and give them a gun if they are bitten. People will freak out, people will have PTSD, people will be traumatized. You cannot predict how they will react. They might decide it is better for everybody if he would shoot you all.
    He might want your supplies and kill you for that.

    The best thing to do is analyze the situation. Groups with women and elderly people are your best bet. These people still have responsibility and didn’t kill whoever slows them down.

    If you meet a parent with a kid, watch out. The sole interest of the adult will be to protect the kid. If you can convince him that you are an asset you are good; if he thinks you might pose a threat he will kill you.

    I am not worried about zombies. What I am worried about, is mass hysteria and traumatized people not thinking clear anymore.

    People are scarier than zombies.

  92. Bad_Robot321 said

    I’m mostly concerned about being able to survive with my friends. I have always thought that groups should stick, ending up as sort of a mobile Woodbury without the Governor, of course. And I was wondering if a sledgehammer would work good. If it gets caught in the skull, I would have to leave it, but yeah a bat is better anyway. I would try to get like a boltcutter. I think that most helpful skills would be hotwiring cars, and picking locks for police stations or a crazy-person gun cabinet.

  93. Nick said

    Z-Apocalypse Plan!

    Step 1: Defences: Board up my house/apartment and metal gates to put over the windows and unplug all electric devices and only use candles and flashlights, to stay low and quiet.

    Step 2: Weapons: I would keep light weight weapons such as bats, handguns and maybe shotguns as long as they are in a gun bag over your shoulder and able to use quickly. Also melee weapons if you need any 😉 . I would link up cameras around every corner of my house, im a computer hacker.

    Step 3: Food: Take light weight weapons (pistols/bats) to the local market or sporting goods store to loot, if you come into contact with any other humans wanting what you need, either kill them or just let it fly, so you dont waste time.
    You need canned goods and stuff that will be able to be eatin without power.

    Step 4: Transportation: For me this would be easy, i have a yellow hummer so putting some metal gates from walmart onto my windsheild would be easy by hooking it down with chains. Keep low and try to be quiet, try not to attract attention so when in towns, dont use weapons it will attract them, use melee weapons.

    Step 5: Clothes: Layer on winter coats so the zeds would have to put it so hard effort in order to bite you, seeing how humans would have a tough time biting through a coat, zeds would have a hard time because their bite strength is only x2 times the humans strength.

    Backup Plan: Suicide :/

  94. Ethan said

    I would head south to florida and try and find a small helicopter and land it on a crusie ship or have two seperate groups one for the ship and other helicopter then take the ship and go it to the water just so i wouldnt be so close to shore then i would find any food on board and set up a signal for survivors and i would try to get animals and plants to grow and eat
    that’s just a basic idea

  95. Mark said

    My plan is to wait at cosco because they have concrete walls steel doors gas solar power and food the zombies can’t get in we would have people leave to big 5 and raid it
    They are both 1 block from where I live

  96. MYSurv.Plan said

    i live in Slovakia and for me my plan is –
    1. gather water and only water maybe some caned food…. i have some hunting experience so tracking and killing a deer isn’t so impossible …

    2. grab a long sleeve t-shirt a cote (is it how you spell it? :D) that wont limit your movement and give you some protection… also i don’t want to stick from the crowd because if military will see you in full cammo and with a gun you will be considered suspicious …

    3. a weapon of choice would be a hatchet and a hunting knife… also guns are banned in slovakia so only ones are for hunting

    4. i would like to stay home as long as possible and bug out in the worst scenario !

    5. i would head north – east to north Russia … there aren’t many people and many forests that can give you a lot of food and cover…

    and thats all of my Z. apoc. plan… and limit the group number as possible… maby join a big one!

  97. Zombays420 said

    Seriously, if there ever is a “zombie outbreak” outbreak it would mean magic is real and the zombies would be stronger than freezing to death, dead things dont have blood flow and shouldnt be able to move a musle so considering they are walking dead they wont freeze to death and they probably wont die by killing the brain either. The brain dies off 4 mins after death caused by lack of oxigen, so basicly since these zombies you speak of are basicly magical and dead, one could really not even guess on how to kill them since we do not know their magical laws of physics. If magic is real and there is an outbreak I will try to capture zombies and figure out a way to have them produce motion energy for me which I will use to power my high voltage electric fence (since I dont know how to kill them our best shot is to fry their bodies with energy). In the mean time I will have my zombies power my vedgetable and weed farm and my passtime will be learning how to fly since as I mentioned magic would be real… Hahahahaha im high 🙂

  98. Kaeo said

    The city has more resources… I don’t know anything about America (im in aus) but I am in a smallish city compared to cities that are in other countries that you can remember. are you planning to stay in a city with about an area of 15km x 15km? (I think that’s about 7miles x 7miles) and a population of about or under 80,000? I’d like your idea of a ‘small town’ and a ‘big city’.

  99. Yo y said

    My plan go get my dads pistles atomatic and sniper go to hawii (i know the basics of flying) go to a small island kill evrything and go vegitarian. no one can “survive in the water” long enoph to get there because air powers the mucles and brain so no zombies”walking under water”

  100. Prophet said

    June 4,2014 is the date that the zombie apocalypse will happen. Be prepared by that date

  101. Peter Xenopoulos said

    Good Plan! My plan is not taking anything from home, Meaning not any fuel or anything like that, Only to where a hoodie jeans and a folded bandanna to cover my face so no guts get in there, and goggles with an elastic strap on the back. In my pack I would get at least 5 bottles of water and 2 extra for food that only requires water. Next I’d leave home(saying it might only be safe if we had a flat roof so we could build a camp up there) and head for like a pharmacy to gather medicine… If Aspirin gets rid of headaches then it might delay a zombie bite by maybe 5 hours if I’m lucky! I then would go to a convenient store, because they have emergency flares, if not striped clean already. Now I’d find a rig(Truck) and rip out the cb radio, calling a different channel when I wake up and when I go to bed, better chance of finding survivors that way! Saying I’m might be alone for about 5-10 days I’m might go a little crazy so I might bring a MP3 player and listen to 2 songs a day every other day to keep cool. I haven’t said where I’d stay but I’m not staying anywhere for long. The Z’s would eventually find me and kill me! But for 5 days I’ll stay somewhere high up like a one story library and put flares in a perimeter so survivors could see them and know there is safety waiting for them. My weapon of choice would be a wooden baseball bat with nails sticking out! It would last for a while but when it breaks I’d get a lead pole and eventually attempt to get a 9MM. Pistol and get a silencer and for a vehicle I’d use an armored truck! I don’t trust the army for anything, saying in the walking dead the CDC killed anyone so I won’t trust them to help us or assist us in any way necessary! I’m going with my friend and because this plan mainly would work with 2 people so yea if you live in Sweethome, NY than look for us in 2017 cause that’s the scheduled year for the zombie apocalypse!

  102. Meg said

    I have to say I am impressed although I can’t use this as I am only 11 and not allowed a gun or allowed to do most of these things and I live in australia so it’s hard to get a gun or weapons.

  103. lucy jean said

    STAY AWAY FROM THE WEST! DO YOU HEAR ME?? i have had to deal with this itty bitty town my whole life and i think i deserve fresh pickings over here! find your own small town! i dont need you poluting my genius plans with your “everybody head west” talk. if i am infected, i will eat your flesh… just for coming here! I WILL EAT YOU! STAY AWAY FROM THE WESTERN STATE!!

  104. lucy jean said


  105. I watch a lot of zombie movies and have considered that this could all happen. I believe that there will be a zombie apocylapse and have planned it all out. I have gotten into this and am planning for it, even though when it happens I may not be alive, it is better to be safe then sorry. It is good to know where you can get weapons such as guns so I have located an outdoor shop that sells hunting equipment, guns and ammo, however, take into consideration that melee weapons (knife, chainsaw, baseball bats, axe ect.) are as important as guns and that zombies will be able to hear gun shots so a silencer will come in handy. Know your guns and how to use them and which one does a better job. Also as many of you have suggested if we all go to the same place at the same time then it will be crowded with people, who can be just as if not even more dangerous then zombies, and zombies could hide or easily spread the virus in these large groups. In my group of survivors there will be around seven and preferably no more than 10. However, I will take some survivors into consideration and once a larger mode of transportation is acquired then I will be able to build the group. I wanted a smaller group of survivors so as to be easier to transport and take care of and so I would less likely be betrayed then if I took random survivous who might be traitors . Originally, in the plan the me and my friends have devised, infected members would be shot, however, after reading your blog I have considered that maybe it would be better to give them a weapon and let them take out as many zombies as they could before they turned just as you suggested. I’m only young and still have a lot to learn about zombies even though in my experience younger people (preteens and teens) seem to be more prepared for this whole ordeal seeing as many of the adults I have come across completely doubt this. I’m still trying to convince my family, but I must digress. Surely they would figure it out, and even though my family does not believe me I have talked about it to my mum so many times that she has a plan. “Go to the raaf base because they have weapons”. But how many others would think the same? At least she now has a plan. But I must thank you for the information you have shared with us so if it does happen, which I believe it will, my party and I will be better prepared. Thank you

  106. john said

    There’s a canoe lodge that’s made of metal like 10 miles through wilderness that I know about, I dig a hole into it before, there’s a bush over it on the outside canoes over it o. The inside, I’d go there, but get the doors open so I could fill the hole. I’d then make some treehouses with the group I’d stay with for guard posts. We could go fishing as were right next to a lake and it’d be a quick getaway by putting the canoes on the lake. PR of course, we could run through the woods :P. That’s where I’d stay, and I’d bring swords as they’re handy in a zombie Apocalypse, as they’re quiet so zombies wouldn’t hear it. One of the people I’d stay with works at a bowshop, he could bring a bunch of bows and arrows. That’s the main part of my zombie plan.

  107. […] Link to his plan: […]

  108. Craig said

    A lot of you seem to critique the possibility of a one hit kill and favour blunt weapons but if you know enough about blades to recognise quality, a blade will continue to perform. Watch zombie go boom and you’ll understand what I mean. Also, alot of you seem to be assuming that we’ll be deadly with the actual undead rather than fast, infected humans which would still produce their own heat, putting down your go north plan to a degree.

  109. guywhoisgreat said

    My plan is to grab anything necessary that I already have and head to the pharmacy warehouse just out of our town. Will have basically every supply needed and will be easy to barricade due to very little entrances. Only problem is people with the same idea!

  110. deadliest viper777 said

    first off zombies will probably follow some of the following rules such as…
    they aren’t truly dead but live at a lower level of existence and will be more difficult to kill
    the zombies could be a major problem for several decades
    the skull will not become softer
    the zombies will probably not be much stronger than when they were people

    with that cleared up my plan for the apocalypse would be to grab my bag and np food my weapons, tape ,flashligts when go over to theater, medical stuff,etc and then go to the apocalypse meeting place where me and some friends will meet up, after that we will steal some large and offroad vechicles along with horses and head south raiding places as we go

    between us we have some of the following weapons
    tons of knives, more firearms than well need, homemade spears, axes, a couple hatchets and tomahawks,a bunch of bows some swords and machetes

    skills in our group include knife throwing, knowledge of nature, sharpshooting(first three are mine lol) bomb making, combat,sprinting and many others
    feel free to join when the time comes
    good luck.

  111. Michael said

    All your guy’s plan are only temporary and have too many variables. My plan is to rebuild civilization. I live on a river(big salt water one) and down the road from me is a place where the river at one time ran on both side of it making it an island(maybe 1km square in size). Today one of the places where the river ran there is a causeway and at the other place there is a bridge. I would make a fortress out of the bridge because you only need a couple of cars to wall it off at either end and you can escape if trapped by jumping into the river. long term i would gather up all the other locals and defend the bridge and the causeway in order to give our new society some living space. On the center of the island is a couple of large fields and my new society could harvest those for food. We could also fish regular fish, crab, lobster, mussels, clams, and oysters because all live in the river and the bay it empties out into. Since i live up north in Canada we would not be able to harvest food in the winter but there is a lot farms around the area with silos and potato warehouses and if the apocalypse happened(i’m guessing it would happen in the summer because the zombies would freeze solid in the winter) the silos and warehouses would be fill and not to mention all the farm animals we could take for the island. Since the river is a salt water we would get water by taking someone’s well and rigging it up with a manual pump. I believe zombies would freeze in the winter which would be good because that’s 5-6 months of no zombies. For people trying to join, if they do not join in the beginning, they would live on the other side of the bridge or causeway for a couple of months to show they are willing to join us and that they aren’t infected. as for the river freezing in the winter, the zombies will be frozen and it would be too cold for survivors to be wondering around outside and if it is warm enough then we can set lookouts or the ice wont be thick enough. Otherwise i cant think of anything else that i didn’t mention

  112. DarylDixon said

    Firearms or bows etc.? What are your thoughts?

  113. David said

    My plan basically goes like this. The zombie out break happens,then I take my metal grinder and cut up peoples garage doors then I weld them onto my RV over the windows so it’s kinda armor plated but not the wind shield. Then I take the few guns I have at my house my bow and arrow my bat and I am really into fire works so I know all the formulas to make smoke bombs and model rocket fule and things that blow up for noise distractions if I ever get conored. I have a canned food and water in my house in case of an emergency then I’m off the my uncles house in South Dakota. It’s so empty their and he has a farm with
    A stock pile of food in his base ment. We are red necks so we have a bunch of guns. That’s my plan

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  115. Alex said

    There are some downsides in your strategy: wearing too much
    clothes slows you down, and in apocalypse the slowest go down fastest. Also too much layers of clothes would make you swet and you wiuld obv
    iously need more water.
    2. You can make a group of 3 people, but making a group of more than five would be a bad idea. Conficts would take place, some will go crazy and group will eventually break. Also food for that any people? Nah i’d rather move alone.
    3. A bat wouldn’t bust shit if you don’t have enough strenght in your hands, if your buff and strong, sure. But i’d suggest something like a blade which doesn’t get stuck in your prey., but of course you need strategy on how to approach a zombie.
    4. Getting a truck wouldn’t be smart, but it would work somehow. Reason is: crazy people. People would do anything to survive so when they see a giant truck they’d probably be like: “Damn that thing is good for survival lets steal it.” And you’d be targeted by lots of people.

  116. Michael White said

    yes i would like to say a little sommething beaware of your sorronding stay close to the ones you know and always keep something sharp on u no matter what keep a pack full of 14 days wort of food at least 7 12 oz bottles of water a flash light wit te right batteries that go wit it make sure u at least cut ther jaws off they cant bight you then if tings get really real ask god to help no matter what because it will be te end people change do surviving things be strong do not give up stab them in the heads i dont just say that because of movies but every ones brain suts down this goes for any avent a intruter a marshal law a black out a love one being violated do what has to be done to survive tank you and GOD BLESS THE WHOLE WORLD AMEN

  117. Michael White said

    in my live i have been getting a little closer to the one who really matters so at any time anything could happen just trust in the man above the creature your one in only i co uld go on for hours but no one replys to what isay

  118. Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
    Very helpful information specifically the ultimate part 🙂 I deal with such
    info much. I used to be looking for this particular info for a long
    time. Thank you and best of luck.

  119. Smarty said

    You should look for farming stuff and fuel or chemicals, farming is a good bet for long surviving, fuel for transportation and I heard that if you have disease the zombies won’t attack you beacuse you are sick, chemicals can be used for experiments or getting disease, some chemicals can burn out your eyes a zombie without eyes is a useless zombie

  120. And now we’re in the final appearance of
    your kitchen along kitchen cabinets with the family.

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  121. SmalltownGypsy said

    I live in a town with 26 people. There’s a grain elevator I could easily climb on top of…. The doors are made completely of metal so pretty sure I’d be safe. The key to the grain elevators gas pump is in the office… So I could use that to fill a truck and run to the next little town to get supplies… So I’m pretty sure I’d be ok. If I survived the first wave of the outbreak even.

  122. It all depends on what tipe of zombies they are thank u for this advice I am making a jernill about the apocalypse and ur advice is very helpful I’m 14 I am going to try to get this published thank u again u may be saving a lot of livs

  123. Mermaid said

    I live in rural England in a farming community. The perks of being here of there was a zombie apocalypse is that people are so sparsely placed, farms means food, shelter and guns and transport (trucks, tractors cars and even horses), hills for higher ground and also if you stand in a field you’d be able to see a zombie from miles away. Also, if they were to we tip a camp for survivors, it would more Lilly be in the countryside as setting it up in a city means more zombies: making it harder to get to.

  124. allison said

    My plan would be close to yours with the core ideas of prepare and gather supply’s. Next redruite a team of anyone who is able to help. Friends family or neighbors. More bodies = more protection. Of course there are downfalls to more bodies but assuming people will die off and you don’t want to be alone. Next choose a weapon that will not run out of ammunition and has multiple purposes. As you said a baseball bat yes. But for me I’d have to think a little harder on the one seeing as a baseball bat doesn’t give you much arm space in between you and the Z. A little to close for comfort for me. Then move and move fast. Cover ground. Have a map. Have a plan. And have a beach destination. See I live 25 miles from the west coast. Short stretch yes but long with clogged roads and big cities filled with zs and frazzled people. So move and move fast. Once I arrive gather supplies from boats or cars. Supplies like food and medicine. Get to the beach grab a yacht load it up. Hot wire it drive to the nearest place with depth but closest possible to a shore or rock island where seals usually preach. Allowing you to have land as an option as well as saving gas from anchoring in a deep place assuming the possibility that zs can walk the ocean floor. As you stated that may be true, however logistically it’s impossible. The pressure down there can flatted cars none the less a rotting human being. They wouldn’t make it to the top. I would then live my life out making supply runs when needed, growing a garden on my roof of my yacht and making a water filtration system. I would live pretty much not in fear 24/7 I would be able to sleep at night knowing me and my passengers are a lot safer than on land. Eventually we would all decide to behind searching for a small unestablished island. But this is my plan any who.

  125. Gunner72 said

    Ninety five percent of you are going to die. Plan is foolish and poorly researched and laid out. You need a solid plan with locations of supplies, maps to supplies in case you yourself can’t go, even provide pictures of location. Secondly, you need a back up set of locations for supplies. Thirdly, you need a predetermined location to big out to, not just head north. This needs to be planned with military precision, with back up plans if you really want to survive.

  126. Texan said

    boat is my plan get in my way ima run you over so don’t ask for help if you not a child or pretty girl

  127. U live in a apartment one enterance dude block that door after everyone evacuates execpt for u and maybe a friend u told ur plan all those apartments available and a trusty strong hold there has to be stairs or a elavtor to the roof u could rig up a zipline system to get a way just in case or u could search the janitor room for a ladder if u break ur window and setup the ladder u can escape that way to but those are just in case u need food or to get out of the building from zombies

  128. Robert said

    I live an hour south of the dells as well! O.o I don’t take a zombie apocalypse seriously, but I’m a walking dead fan and think it’s fun to talk about. I have concluded that a plan similar to yours is a good option for several reasons.

    1) You cannot plan for everything. Staying mobile and flexible is important to maintaining skills that will allow you to adapt to any situation. I would rely on my military experience to give me confidence that I could handle any situation that comes at me.

    2) West is a good idea due to less population. I actually think the northern rockies would be a great location. Most people wouldn’t navigate into the difficult terrain, and neither would zombies. Maybe a few stragglers, but a horde would never make it into the mountains.

    3) people underestimate the damage an individual can do with whatever tools are around them. In a stressful situation, a hell of a lot of damage could be done with a butter knife, much less a baseball bat. There is a reason it’s a popular choice.

    4) Knowledge is the best weapon, always. From thinking of a smart way to eliminate many zombies in your area to knowing how to respond to threats or knowing where to go, your brain won’t help if it’s misinformed or ignorant.

    5) There is saftey in numbers… but, as you stated, people are crazy. Get a medium sized group that can consistently take out many zombies and is made up of people that you trust. Don’t let it get so large it becomes unstable.

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